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This was one of the additional lives that were added a couple of months ago. The public ticket sales only happened two to three weeks ago, and it unfortunately reflected on the ticket sales. For the first night of the tour in the same venue, there were 2,400 A tickets sold (the standing section has both A tickets and B tickets. A tickets make up the vast, vast majority of the floor) but tonight, there were only 1,500.

If you had a crappy B ticket, like me, this was a very good thing as it meant that you were able to get far closer than should have been possible. I was able to get on the second barrier, so right behind the pit. That should not have been possible at all!

They’ve changed the intro music! The dramatic, piano led music that filled the halls in both Japan and Europe has now gone, to be replaced by a really random song that I can’t even begin to explain… It was odd. The band announcements are now signalled by a very, very loud bell.

Tonight it was U:ZO first (whatever medication that boy is on, he needs to stop taking it… or take more of it) and then Shinya with the five minute warning.

For SPEED MASTER, GACKT climbed down into the crowd a little, so that he was half on the barricade. Someone at the front pulled him in, and GACKT and the staff had a little struggle to get him back out again. When GACKT was out, he lowered his eyes and just GLARED at someone in the crowd for about five seconds. He was not happy, at all. I don’t know if it was because he’d been pulled in when he didn’t want to be there, or if someone had been inappropriate with him, but he was not a happy bunny and it was a very scary glare. He was quickly back to normal though, and carried on with the rest of the song as if it hadn’t happened.

After Mousou Girl had finished, Jon stood behind GACKT but to his side, and started slowly thrusting against him. He had his arm around GACKT’s back, and they were both pulling slightly orgasmic faces. When the band sped up their little jam session at the end of the song, Jon sped up his thrusts until he was moving very hard, and very fast against GACKT. GACKT then turned around, and bit Jon on the collarbone/shoulder. Jon bit him back on the back of the neck.


The thrusting wasn’t particularly hot, despite their faces, but the biting… More of that please, chickenz XD

Some of the staging of the songs has been changed slightly. I forget which song it was, but one song had GACKT and Jon on the vocalists platform, YOU and Chacha at their mic stands, and only U:ZO and Takumi at the front of the stage, playing with the crowd. I’ve noticed that as the tour goes on, U:ZO and especially Takumi are coming to the front more, and it’s becoming more of an even band effort.

The band are getting very close to the crowd and very frequently. At the end of NINE SPIRAL, both Chacha and Takumi were putting their guitars into the crowd so that the first couple of rows could strum the strings. GACKT and Jon were frequently standing on the barricade and again, Jon got into some real trouble in the exact same place GACKT had. A staff member had to come out and grab onto Jon’s belt, tightly, so that he wasn’t lost in the crowd.

When I got to the venue this afternoon, I could hear YFC sound checking JESUS. They only got to the second chorus though, and then abruptly stopped. The reason for this, is that they’ve switched it up again. Despite what the lyrics on the YFC website state, up until now, the Japanese concerts have seen GACKT sing the first verse in Japanese, and Jon sing the second verse in English. GACKT now also sings the first verse in English, so the only Japanese left is the few words of the chorus line. There seemed to be more noticeable backing vocals on the chorus too…

GACKT had been very bouncy again throughout the show (his hip swaying and thrusting when he’s trying to get the crowd to cheer after VANILLA gets wilder and more amusing each show. He knows it amuses the crowd, so he keeps doing more and more with it), but he was definitely struggling again by the end of JESUS. Jon noticed it, and was hovering behind him with a loose arm around his shoulders and again, GACKT had to use Jon’s shoulder as something to lean on when he walked down the platform steps. He was struggling through YOU ARE THE REASON too.

When I’m close enough to the stage to see it, I’m always fascinated by what Jon, and especially GACKT, get up to between the songs when the lights are down. Usually it’s just taking in water, wiping off the sweat and putting in the occasional eye drop. I was watching GACKT today, and he seemed to be doing something very strange. Then I realised, he had his belt open and was readjusting his shorts. Erm, how about doing that at the front of the stage so we can watch next time, GACKT??

Jon is slowly working his way through the band. His technique to get the crowd to cheer, is to get YOU to rub his nipples with his guitar. He was also dry humping Chacha at one point, with a water bottle in his hand at crotch level… no prizes for guessing what he simulated with that. He was even stood at the back of the stage pulling faces at Shinya.

U:ZO actually jumped into the crowd a couple of times at the end of the show. When he got pulled out the one time, Shinya walked past and hit him on the shoulder in a jokey way, just to say “idiot!” U:ZO only laughed and then started leaning into the crowd. Shinya booted him in the ass. U:ZO fell in again, hahaha.

GACKT’s speech at the end of the show seemed a lot longer than normal. He slipped down one of the steps on the platform at one point, but I think it was an honest slip of his foot, and not a sign of him being tired. Although he was very tired, and did very slowly limp off stage when it was all finished.

I was very lucky with where I was stood. Initially my placement was terrible as I had a lot of tall people around me, but the girl next to me decided to push her way through so I followed her and got into a far better place, where everyone in front of me was so much shorter! It meant I had a clear view of the entire stage, and because I wasn’t fighting for my life right in the thick of it, it felt like I had a lot more eye contact with band. I'm pretty sure that Jon, GACKT and (finally!) Takumi saw me. It was probably the closest I’m ever going to get in a standing live in Japan without having to fight. It was quite relaxing, really, once the initial craziness had settled down. I've been in that position on the second barrier before and it was crazy.

After the show, I was outside with [ profile] nightangel_jai and [ profile] jayna1138, and we were approached by Chris, GACKT’s bodyguard. He’s lovely. Always says hello to me, mainly because he saw so much of me last year at all of the lives, haha. So far this year, he’s only been approaching Japanese fans for interviews and messages, but he seemed to be back onto the foreigner hunt, like he was at last year’s YFC.

He asked us a few questions
1) Is this your first concert? (Even he had to laugh and realise how stupid it was to ask that question)
2) What do you think of Jon?
3) What do you think of the twin vocals?
4) What was your favourite song tonight?
5) Any message for the band?

It’s interesting that the questions were so geared towards Jon and the dual vocalist thing… (for the record, all three of us said how much we like Jon and the dual vocals XD) My message was simply “GACKT, I hope you enjoy the DVD”. I hope he does. I can't quite believe I gave it to him...

Well, that was GACKT live number 20 (22 if we’re including Nemuri performances). They’re just too much fun and damn addicting.
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