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I went to the V-ROCK festival today. I had to get up stupidly early to get to Saitama before the doors opened at 9:30am, but YFC (and especially JON XD) made it worth the early rise.

More photos at the V-ROCK site

Set list
6. 又、ここで会いましょっ

At more or less exactly 11am, the usual YFC opening music began and the band took the stage. There were cheers for each member of the band from the DEARS scattered around, but it was pretty deafening when GACKT finally strolled onto stage.

I was third row in front of YOU, but just slightly to the right, so nearer the vocalists. Most of the people around me were YFC fans, but there were three girls stood in front of me who weren’t. The girl on the left spent the entire set pouting, getting angry and nearly crying over being pushed around by the fans. The other two just stood there throughout the set. I wanted to just yell at them to move, because it was pretty obvious that as soon as YFC had finished that most people would leave and the three of them could easily get their spot back (and that’s exactly what happened), but no, they stayed there and complained. Really. GTFO if you can’t cope with it!

The fan service for NINE SPIRAL was the same as always, and it did provoke a funny reaction out of these girls who were really not expecting to see GACKT and JON stroking each other in such an intimate way. The crowd interaction at the end of NINE SPIRAL was far shorter than normal, GACKT called out to the crowd a few times and there was a YFC chant but then it was straight into SPEED MASTER. Again, this was the same as the other YFC shows, with the added English, U:ZO’s awesome bass solo and GACKT teasing my side by lifting up his shirt. The only difference was that there was no water sprayed (none at all throughout the set), and no bursts of cold air.

Next, was VANILLA. This got a huge reaction from the crowd. As usual, YOU and Chacha came to the front of the stage and threw their ties. YOU’s tie was caught by the girl in front of me – one of the ones who stood there doing nothing all set and weren’t fans. If she hadn’t have caught it (or had been 6 inches shorter like everyone else) I’d have got it. I was soooo unhappy at that. Fair enough if you’re a fan to catch it, but to not care and then walk away with a tie is just annoying.

Without Mousou Girl in the set list, it meant that VANILLA was the song where GACKT and JON stripped. JON completely failed at getting his tie into the crowd and it fell between the stage and the barrier (no idea what happened to it after that). They stripped mainly during the verse that starts “ah いくつ朝を迎えれば…” which is immediately before they start dry humping each other. Because they were stripping and throwing their shirts, it meant that when they began to dry hump each other, they were completely out of place and barely touching. GACKT grabbed hold of JON’s thigh with his hand and subtly manoeuvred the two of them into place so that by the end of the humping, they were as close as they normally are. The rest of the song was the same, complete with the crotch grab and that awesome part where they all line up on stage together.

They also did the usual thing they’ve been doing in Japan of splitting the crowd in half and having a cheering contest – JON’s half vs. GACKT’s half. JON toned down his attention whoring for this as he didn’t get YOU to rub his nipples with his guitar, and didn’t work his hips as much as normal. GACKT, however, was still sucking his fingers, working his hips and humping the air.

From what I could see of the crowd, EVER had a good reaction. There were plenty of jazz hands waving in the air, anyway. U:ZO’s bass intro for this is great too. The added English always confuses me though, haha.

For Mata, Koko de Aimasho, GACKT and JON both left the stage. I couldn’t see exactly what GACKT did. I glanced at the screens at one point and I saw that he was in the little aisle that separated the two halves of the crowd (there was a little bit barricaded in the middle of the crowd to help stop crowd surges), but I don’t know if he interacted with the crowd more than that. JON climbed the barrier on my side at the start of the song, but was too far to my left for me to be able to grab him. He was tapping the hands of all of those in front of him, but I didn’t even try. He stopped doing this when he started singing, and I made a quick decision to reach out to him. He saw my hand, looked directly at me for a couple of seconds, and then reached over with his right hand (his left was closer, but held his microphone) and then grabbed my hand and held it for a second or two while still staring at me.


He didn’t reach out to anyone else like that. I’m convinced he recognises me now, from Japan and especially from Europe. There were some other foreigners in the crowd, closer to him than I was, but he ignored them and didn’t touch anyone else while he was singing.

Can I have him? Please? I’ll take care of him better than GACKT does, anyway.

After Mata, Koko de Aimasho had finished, the band took the crowd’s applause and the usual Todokani remix started. The band left the stage pretty quickly and the song was stopped half way through. The big video screens showed an advert for the tour finals in Makuhari Messe.

GACKT had a tattoo in-between his shoulder blades. It was of a sun design and was brown, so I’m presuming it was fake and was probably a henna design. It looked really, really good on him though so I kinda hope it was real XD. YOU’s hair was completely loose instead of being half pinned back, and was completely sex-tastic. I think that GACKT’s hair stylist is getting bored of GACKT’s hair and how little he can do with it, and is taking his frustration out on YOU instead. That’s good though, because YOU is becoming more stunning with every show. Only GACKT and JON ended up shirtless. The rest of the band removed their ties, but kept their shirts on. Boo.

The sound set up considering it was a festival was really good. YFCz set was 45 minutes long in total, but that was longer than any band other than the headliners, MUCC, and they only got an hour. Being on first meant that YFC had more of their own stage there as the vocalists stage was present and Shinya even had his drum riser. For all of the other bands, their drums were wheeled on stage on platforms. I wouldn’t be surprised if YFC being first on stage was part of the deal to get them to perform, to be honest. It makes them a special attraction, instead of second or third (or whatever) on the bill.

There were a lot of DEARS. A lot. There were more YFC shirts and towels than merchandise for any other band I think. Most of the older people there were wearing YFC colours, and I think the merchandise area actually sold out of the YFC towels.

Kiryuuin Shou, the vocalist of Golden Bomber is a well known GACKT fanboy. When Golden Bomber performed later in the show, during his first MC he introduced the band, and then immediately launched into an epic bout of fanboying. “GACKT-SAN HAS BEEN ON THIS STAGE. HE’S BEEN ON THIS STAGE!!!!! KYAHHHHHHHH”. Then he threw himself onto the stage floor, and started rolling around while still babbling. I think he was trying to mop up GACKT’s smell or sweat…. The Golden Bomber bass player, Jun, joined in too. Bless.

When I was walking away from the stage after YFCz set, I overheard a conversation between an American couple who were there.

Man : so, which one was GACKT?
Woman : the one that wasn’t white.

Full credit to her for answering in such a way to make him feel as stupid as possible. I understand that GACKT doesn’t look as stereotypically Japanese as people might expect from a Japanese singer, but next to JON, it’s pretty obvious that he’s the Japanese one. She showed a lot of restraint in not smacking him, I think.

While waiting for Versailles (who were on stage about 90 minutes after YFC finished) all I could hear from the people waiting was them talking about GACKT, haha. I think YFC and the shirtless antics left an impression. And I have to say that third row for Versailles, was a far calmer experience than third row for YFC. Is it just YFC that makes people go crazy??

I might do a more generalised review of the festival tomorrow. Buying the VIP ticket instead of a regular was a really good decision and well worth the extra yen. It came with the pamphlet, a neckstrap and a free drink – that’s 3,900yen worth of stuff. And it got me in earlier…
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