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Yesterday, the Camui Gakuen phone game went live in Japan. Seito Kaicho finally updated his blog in order to publicise it (poor thing, his foreign studies must be keeping him very busy) and invited everyone to enrol in the “sexy” campus of Camui Gakuen.

Is it sexy?

Let’s see...

(Lots of photos ahead - click them for the large versions!)

When you create your character’s profile, as well as choosing more regular details such as male or female, location and blood type, you’re also asked to choose whether your character is S, M or N. This refers to, of course, the sadistic and masochistic (and normal) personality types, and not any bedroom games (although, this is GACKT and a “sexy” campus we’re talking about…)

I chose S and have been playing with an S character, but apparently the game is somehow different depending on what you pick.

The basic premise of the game is that you need to go to a lesson. You leave your classroom and your character walks down the corridor. This corridor is a board game that you move along by rolling a dice.

As you move along the corridor, you come across special squares.

1) people squares
On these, you get to meet your fellow students! It’s other people who are playing the game, and you have the option of ignoring them, or shaking their hands. You can even leave a message on their profile if you wish. You get 1EXP for shaking hands so that’s the best option! If you’re really, really lucky, you’ll even bump into Kaicho and love hearts will follow.


2) treasure chests
The students at Camui Gakuen are messy and are always dropping items for you to pick up. School uniforms, hats, ear piercings (this is definitely a GACKT game…), glasses and other school related items

3) bonus squares
These either move you along the board or give you extra EXP

There are lessons at Camui Gakuen! This is the dance teacher –

The dance lesson consists of a simple timing game involving a hula hoop being thrown at you. But, the first time I had a dance lesson I failed horribly (my first play through too!) but after the class, I was able to dance with Kaicho in the corridor.


You’re awarded EXP for completing tasks and moving forward, and level up in the same way as most other games.

You have a stamina bar, so you can only move down the corridor so many times before your character is tired and refuses to move anymore. Levelling up refills your bar, but if you’re at zero then you need to eat in order to refill it.

The food?

Shu cream buns. This is definitely a GACKT game.

When you're a first year student, it's really easy to make it down the board and level up. I'm now a second year, and it's a lot harder :-/

As started earlier, you can collect uniforms and accessories to dress your character.

Some of the screenshots I'm using here are from yesterday and my character looks a lot different, but she currently looks like this -

As well as picking up items while walking down the corridor, there are also Gacha machines.

The tickets to play the gacha game aren't that easy to come by, unfortunately, as you need to trade in "money" for them. They're occasionally given as a present, and you can earn the money, but there's also a lot of promotion for you to actually buy the tickets, with yen.

My frog and hair came from the gacha machines and they have NEKO HEADS AND SUITS IN THERE. I WANT THE NEKOS.

The game also gives you bonus items occasionally for completing your walk down the corridor. These are mainly voice samples of Kaicho *swoon*. Thanks to this game, and how easy it is to save things from it (it’s just impossible to get them off the phone later) I have Kaicho saying “gokigenyo!” as my email alert tone XD

If you’re having difficulty and need help, then the school principal is always happy to help.

And of course, Kaicho himself shows up with the occasional words of wisdom.

There's a big community attached to the game with message boards and topics for people to introduce themselves and beg for handshakes, hahaha. At the time of making this post, the game is being played by over 3,000 people.

It only went live yesterday!

Overall, it's really not very sexy at all. It is, however, lots of cute and lots of fun!

The company that make this game, Gree, are very high profile and advertise their games everywhere. I'm really hoping they start advertising this as the thought of seeing Kaicho on the train everyday fills me with glee XD

Camui Gakuen Game

Date: 2012-03-19 05:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] knivez

thanks to your post I also started playing this game and I really love it. Can you give me a tip how to save those little phrases the kaicho gives to us? I can hear them, but I have no idea how to save them.

Thanks a lot. Btw I really love your site. I didn't know there was a Square Enix Store in Tokyo ... I'm definitely going there (^.^)


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