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I've been tweeting up a storm today with these, and it all got a little out of order, so here it all is in a sensible order.

These are the first week sales of GACKT's singles (plus YFC) since 2006 (the sales figures only go back to late 2005 - REDEMPTION is the first song of GACKT's to be included)

2006/01/25 - REDEMPTION – 76,826
2007/02/07 - 野に咲く花のように – 40,578
2007/06/02 - RETURNER~闇の終焉~ - 43,275
2008/12/03 - JESUS – 18,145
2009/01/28 - GHOST – 16.969
2009/03/25 - Journey Through the Decade – 51,666
2009/06/10 - 小悪魔ヘヴン – 16,338
2009/06/17 - Faraway~星の願いを~ – 12,901
2009/06/24 - LOST ANGELS – 14,548
2009/07/01 - FLOWER – 14,595
2009/08/11 - The Next Decade – 37,033
2009/12/09 - 雪月花~the end of silence~ - 24,742
2010/01/01 - Stay the Ride Alive – 29,421
2010/07/28 - EVER – 32,795
2011/07/13 - Episode.0 – 28,643
2011/09/14 - THE END OF THE DAY – 17,612
2011/11/30 - Graffiti – 15,953

Source - Oricon Weekly charts

So, over the last couple of years his best selling singles have been the Kamen Rider ones :-/

There was a big dip between the singles he released before his lengthy BUNRAKU shooting break, and the singles he released when he came back with RE:BORN.

EVER and Episode.0 bucked the trend and had better sales, but THE END OF THE DAY and Graffiti are back to summer 2009 levels.

Although, it must be pointed out that the four summer 2009 releases were the ones with the special DEARS covers and the gift if you purchased all four from the fanclub. I highly doubt fanclub sales are included here, so the figures for the singles from RETURNER~闇の終焉~ through to 雪月花~the end of silence~ will be higher.


I can see why GACKT has said that he doesn't care about sales or chart positions. It'd drive you crazy to try and figure these out.
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