Jan. 18th, 2011

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I was able to see the last performance of Nemuri Kyoshiro in Hiroshima on Saturday evening. It was my second time as I also saw it in Osaka in October.

I’ve split this report into two – the first is the play synopsis which will be a straight forward description of the plot, and the second is the more personal perspective with the little nuances I picked up on, the fun parts and the things that went wrong XD

Spoilers abound in the synopsis but I’ll try to keep them out of the fun part as much as possible!

The Story )

The fun stuff! )

This has to be filmed for a DVD at some point. Whether it’s kept in tact as a stage play, or filmed on location, I think it deserves to recorded and seen by a wider audience. GACKT is perfectly believable as the cold and slightly detached Kyoshiro and although being serene, silent and strong isn’t really stretching his acting abilities too much, that can be forgiven due to how epic the fight scenes are.

Now, I want to go to Tokyo… I won’t though. Nope.

(And congrats to anyone who made it through all of that without falling asleep! I have a tl;dr tag for a reason!)


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