May. 12th, 2011

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Other than dreams related entries, it's been two weeks since I've updated.

I wish I could say that was due to me being so busy that I haven't had time, but it's more due to me being so dull that I've had nothing to update about.

School is plodding along nicely. I had a group of first year girls introduce themselves to me in the teacher's room today. It was a fun conversation and I learned some important things about my colleagues, such as to stay away from the maths teacher Murakami-sensei because he ate three people for lunch. The conversation became crazier and crazier, the girls got louder and louder, and it ended in one of the other teacher's kicking them out of the teacher's room for being too noisy and disturbing him.

I apologised to him after, but he explained that he didn't really care, it was just his job and the "Japanese style" to keep them quiet.

I was kinda glad because they were giving me a headache.

I had no lessons today (my new JTE at this school is a waste of space and is never organised enough to have lessons with me, but he's a really nice guy and keen to improve his conversational English, even if half of his sentences are in Japanese...) so I was preparing for Friday. I've been asked to model a presentation as the students will be expected to make their own in the next couple of weeks.

The title of this presentation? "My Favourite Artist."

I can't believe that I am, once again, getting paid to fangirl about GACKT. I never want to leave high schools. NEVER.

While on the subject of the Spambot, I sent in my SYH photo at the end of April and they've added it to the site - SYH messages @

I'm quite easy to spot, being the only white girl in the Japan section, haha. I explained to the staff that I was English but living in Chugoku area and gave them free reign to put me where they wanted and they chose Chugoku. I'm glad they did. I feel more affinity towards Okayama right now than I do towards England.

Strange, huh?

Here in Okayama it seems that rainy season is upon us with avengeance. It was crazy hot on Monday and is still really hot and humid now, despite the almost non-stop torrential rain we've been having. Surrounding prefectures have seen their highest daily rainfall in pretty much ever, so it seems like this is going to be a rainy season to remember.


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