Aug. 6th, 2011

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I'm in Budapest! It's hot and sunny (so much for thunderstorms weatherman!) and is a really beautiful city. Me and [personal profile] aku_rin have done a lot of sight seeing, but probably not enough!

The YFC shows so far have been so much fun. YFC last year was kinda serious and menacing (well, as menacing as it can get when a band has Chacha) but this year is definitely fun. Jon does add a lot to the live show and takes some, but only some, of the burden from GACKT. Jon's movements when GACKT is commanding attention are hysterical.

Their vocals work really well together. It was hard to judge from the second row in Berlin, but from the back in Budapest I could hear how well their voices gel. GACKT dominates a lot of their vocals and usually takes the higher key and Jon supports, but he sounds great when he does come to the front.

Takumi has added extra depth to the live sound too. Everything is thicker, deeper and heavier and probably closer to what GACKT wants. His music is all about layers of sound and Takumi adds that. He's a little fireball on stage too! U:ZO is kinda serious on stage but awesome, and keeps getting hit by Shinya XD

Shinya has bought a LOT to the band. The drumming on the heavier new songs is completely different to past drum lines and instead of following Jun-ji's (or Ryu, or whoever's) lead, he's added his own personality to it.

I can't wait for the final in Moscow!!

We met so many people in Berlin and Budapest, some we already knew and some we didn't, and you all made the shows that much more awesome. Meeting people can be more fun than the lives, sometimes XD

Off to Italy tomorrow and then Moscow.


(Plus, I'm developing the biggest crushes on Jon, Takumi and U:ZO. Sorry GACKT, but you're only my 6th favourite member of the band right now XD)


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