Nov. 3rd, 2011 12:57 pm
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I kinda bitched about this on Twitter earlier (and many, many times before) but I don't think 140 characters is enough to explain myself.

I think it's a real shame that Twitter has replaced so much of fandom. Some news happens and dozens of people post about it to Twitter, dozens more discuss it, and then that's it. Everyone thinks "discussion over". It's creating a two tier fandom. The tier who are on Twitter when it happens, and the tier that aren't. And that "aren't" tier isn't just people who don't have a Twitter, but it's people who do have a Twitter but aren't on at that time because they're working, or at school or even asleep.

By the time those people get online a few hours later, the news and discussion is finished and they miss out through no fault of their own unless they're willing to trawl back through hundreds of tweets in the hope of finding something interesting.

But if the news is posted to the communities, it's there as a permanent record for all to see. Everyone can see the news, everyone can see the comments and everyone can join in.

Now, I know that I post a lot of things via the OGYD Twitter and don't put them into the communities, but it's never actual news. It's U:ZO and his chipped nail polish, or YOU and TAKUMI camera whoring again. If people miss that all they miss is some pretty, no actual news. But stuff like a PV preview? Everyone should be able to see that easily, and not have to hunt through their Twitter timeline.

I don't know. There seems to be a small (and I mean, small) sub-section of the fandom who are eager to make a name for themselves by getting the news first and keeping it to themselves. I can't help but feel that this is tied into that, at least a little.

So, in short, fandom is for everyone.

(And this isn't just me saying "post everything to [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt" as I think [ profile] dears suffers far more from this than OGYD does.)

Now, I'm going to get some milk because tea will turn me back into my usual oasis of calm. In fact, I'm blaming this on the lack of tea. Me English. Me no function without tea.
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Here are the YFC scans from FOOL'S MATE 2012.12, released 10/29.

It's mainly photos from the Swimsuit Live on 9/25 in Shinkiba.

Scans and download links )
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I went to the V-ROCK festival today. I had to get up stupidly early to get to Saitama before the doors opened at 9:30am, but YFC (and especially JON XD) made it worth the early rise.

More photos at the V-ROCK site

Set list and info )
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*reads the Bound for Glory reports*

*reads the spoilers for this week's IMPACT*

Congrats, and it is well deserved, but really? That way?

Ohhhhhhhhhh... TNA. You make it really, really easy to not watch you any more.


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:32 pm
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I squeed about this on Twitter, but never posted on here because it all happened when I was away in Osaka.

fade are touring Japan in December and doing three shows. I applied for tickets to two shows, Tokyo and Osaka, and got them both.

I paid for the tickets while I was in Osaka, and they were given to me then.

For Shibuya, I have ticket number 34.

For Osaka, I have ticket number 11



That means I will be the eleventh person to enter the venue. It's going to put me front row. OHAI JON!!!!! *waves*

I also applied for MOON SAGA tickets via DEARS.

I desperately wanted an SS ticket and had no idea what the demand was going to be like, so I applied for SS tickets to eight of the Tokyo shows.

I got seven of them! I was good though, and only actually bought two of them.

I'll be at the very first show and one towards the end of the Tokyo run.

The first show is a matinee, 13:00 start performance, so you can expect an English language review of MOON SAGA well before the day is out XD Now, I need to hardcore study Japanese so I can understand it properly. I get the impression that the basic story of this will not be as straight forward as the basic story of Nemuri Kyoshiro was :-/

I hope it's as pretty....

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For several hours this afternoon, a few of us on Twitter were spamming and discussing some TV performances of GACKT's (okay, it was mainly me spamming, but I didn't see any complaints!) and a couple of videos posted were from GACKT's appearance on Yume Ongakukan, on 2005.02.24.

[ profile] mind_cell asked for downloads, so I thought I may as well share with everyone.

All three are stunning performances, especially 君に逢いたくて.

12月のLove Song, 君に逢いたくて (acoustic) and Love Letter )
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This was one of the additional lives that were added a couple of months ago. The public ticket sales only happened two to three weeks ago, and it unfortunately reflected on the ticket sales. For the first night of the tour in the same venue, there were 2,400 A tickets sold (the standing section has both A tickets and B tickets. A tickets make up the vast, vast majority of the floor) but tonight, there were only 1,500.

If you had a crappy B ticket, like me, this was a very good thing as it meant that you were able to get far closer than should have been possible. I was able to get on the second barrier, so right behind the pit. That should not have been possible at all!

Yes, there was biting )
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Off to Osaka for the long weekend!

Going to see Shirota Yuu playing Romeo XDD

Will probably still be around on Twitter, but not on LJ so any comments/PMs (especially concerning the diaries) will have to wait until Tuesday

Bye, dears!
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I'll be taking orders for the 2012 GACKT Diary. Full details of the gorgeousness can be found here -

That store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the diaries and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Price, payment and other details )

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Here are the scans of the November issue of Fool's Mate, released yesterday 9/29.

It's all about YOU )
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I saw YFC again tonight.

After the madness of yesterday and the bruising I received defending my place on the barricade, I was quite glad to have a terrible number. I was planning a nice, relaxing night at the back of the venue and out of harm’s way.

Yeah… right…

YFC really is DEATH. Plus bonus GACKT being molested and guitarist talk! )

I don’t know how these shows keep getting rougher and crazier. Every time I think it’s hit the limit, it raises the bar again.
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I attended the Swimsuit Live today, so here is a review.

Lots of water, fun and fanservice! )

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but it was just a big blur of FUN.

If they do another bikini live next year, I'M GOING. And I strongly urge anyone who has the confidence to do it, to do so too.
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The Muppets are going to be on RAW.


Well done WWE, you just talked me into watching my first wrestling show in two years!

Get Statler and Waldorf commentating on the matches or give post match analysis, and I might even watch two shows.
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Obviously, SPOILERS for the Japanese tour.

I’m going to assume that everybody reading this knows what happened at the European shows, either due to attending, watching the Nico Nico broadcast or reading reviews.

Y-F-Shi! )
I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things, so if there are any questions just ask. I’m now going to bed as I have to be up in four hours…. Damn you, GACKT.
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GACKT and Jon were on bayfm about ten minutes ago.

I tuned into the station literally twenty seconds before they came on, so by the time I'd booted up the software to record it, their first little talk had gone.

So, this isn't complete, but it's better than nothing! Hopefully somebody got the complete version.

The End of the Day
Message from GACKT and Jon
MIND FOREST (English version)

12 minutes 50 seconds long, 23.51MB

(GACKT and Jon are really cute XD)

Do what you like with it, I don't really care!
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Of the greatest songs ever recorded, IMO.

And it has David Bowie. What's not to love??

(Sorry for two entries in row :-/)
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Bunraku is available via iTunes, but only in the US store. To access the US store, you need a US iTunes account with a US method of funding - either a credit card or US registered PayPal.

BUT, there is a third way.

You can also use American, pre-paid iTunes cards as a method of payment.

So, if you can buy an American iTunes card and get the code from it, you can open an American account.

If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a friend in America who will buy a card and send you the code, it's relatively easy. If not, you need to buy them online via a site such as this one. I've never used that site personally, but I have a friend who has bought Xbox live codes from them via eBay, and he swears that they are reliable and that the code will be with you in an hour or two. It's all PayPal anyway, so you're covered.

Once you have the code, you can register a new American iTunes account. When it asks you for a funding method, either don't check any of the credit card options at all, or check "none" if it is there. Instead, redeem the code on the iTunes card.

You do need to enter a US address, but they don't check legal records so any address will do. I live at a Walmart store, haha.

Ta-da! You have credit on an American iTunes account and can now download and rent Bunraku, in a way that is roughly 95% legal XDDD

*checks HD download...*

Another hour to go...

YFC video

Aug. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Late and short, but YFC entering the venue in Moscow.

You might want to turn the sound down a little...

Download it here -

Like the Kenshin Kousai video, this is mine. Take it, enjoy it, do whatever you want with it.
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Here are some photos, a video and a brief recap of my weekend at the Kenshin Kousai.

On the Saturday, we visited the temple and also Kenshin's grave. It was worth the visit.

The Sunday, was all about GACKT.


It was worth the early mornings, the lack of sleep, the rain, the bruised ass from sitting on the road and the dead knees for sitting seiza for an hour. Shame the weather wasn't better and hopefully, if GACKT does it again next year, he'll be awake XD

All of these photos and videos are mine. Do what you want with them, I really don't care. Just happy to share as I know the vast majority will never get chance to see GACKT in action.
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I will try and update this with tales from Europe, Tokyo and L'Arcafe at some point, but not right now. Anyone on my Facebook can see all of the photos there.

It's a very busy and stressful time for me right now.

I arrived back in Japan on Monday afternoon (ohhhhh, so much drama in Shanghai on the way XD) and got home Monday night.

On Friday, I'll be leaving Okayama and heading up to Niigata for the Kenshin festival.

On Sunday, I'll be leaving Niigata and heading to Chiba.

On Monday morning, I meet my new branch and move into my new apartment.

This is insane. Trying to pack up an apartment, arrange moving things and selling a car in less than four days is something I will not recommend to anyone.

I booked the moving company online because it meant that I didn't have to speak to anyone with my crappy Japanese and it would therefore be quicker, but they still insisted on calling me to check every single detail on the form. What? Was that necessary?

I just have this fear that everything is going to go wrong...


Oh well, can only do my best and see what happens, right?


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