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Here are the scans of the November issue of Fool's Mate, released yesterday 9/29.

It's all about YOU )
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I saw YFC again tonight.

After the madness of yesterday and the bruising I received defending my place on the barricade, I was quite glad to have a terrible number. I was planning a nice, relaxing night at the back of the venue and out of harm’s way.

Yeah… right…

YFC really is DEATH. Plus bonus GACKT being molested and guitarist talk! )

I don’t know how these shows keep getting rougher and crazier. Every time I think it’s hit the limit, it raises the bar again.
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I attended the Swimsuit Live today, so here is a review.

Lots of water, fun and fanservice! )

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but it was just a big blur of FUN.

If they do another bikini live next year, I'M GOING. And I strongly urge anyone who has the confidence to do it, to do so too.
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Obviously, SPOILERS for the Japanese tour.

I’m going to assume that everybody reading this knows what happened at the European shows, either due to attending, watching the Nico Nico broadcast or reading reviews.

Y-F-Shi! )
I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things, so if there are any questions just ask. I’m now going to bed as I have to be up in four hours…. Damn you, GACKT.
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GACKT and Jon were on bayfm about ten minutes ago.

I tuned into the station literally twenty seconds before they came on, so by the time I'd booted up the software to record it, their first little talk had gone.

So, this isn't complete, but it's better than nothing! Hopefully somebody got the complete version.

The End of the Day
Message from GACKT and Jon
MIND FOREST (English version)

12 minutes 50 seconds long, 23.51MB

(GACKT and Jon are really cute XD)

Do what you like with it, I don't really care!
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Bunraku is available via iTunes, but only in the US store. To access the US store, you need a US iTunes account with a US method of funding - either a credit card or US registered PayPal.

BUT, there is a third way.

You can also use American, pre-paid iTunes cards as a method of payment.

So, if you can buy an American iTunes card and get the code from it, you can open an American account.

If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a friend in America who will buy a card and send you the code, it's relatively easy. If not, you need to buy them online via a site such as this one. I've never used that site personally, but I have a friend who has bought Xbox live codes from them via eBay, and he swears that they are reliable and that the code will be with you in an hour or two. It's all PayPal anyway, so you're covered.

Once you have the code, you can register a new American iTunes account. When it asks you for a funding method, either don't check any of the credit card options at all, or check "none" if it is there. Instead, redeem the code on the iTunes card.

You do need to enter a US address, but they don't check legal records so any address will do. I live at a Walmart store, haha.

Ta-da! You have credit on an American iTunes account and can now download and rent Bunraku, in a way that is roughly 95% legal XDDD

*checks HD download...*

Another hour to go...

YFC video

Aug. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Late and short, but YFC entering the venue in Moscow.

You might want to turn the sound down a little...

Download it here -

Like the Kenshin Kousai video, this is mine. Take it, enjoy it, do whatever you want with it.
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Here are some photos, a video and a brief recap of my weekend at the Kenshin Kousai.

On the Saturday, we visited the temple and also Kenshin's grave. It was worth the visit.

The Sunday, was all about GACKT.


It was worth the early mornings, the lack of sleep, the rain, the bruised ass from sitting on the road and the dead knees for sitting seiza for an hour. Shame the weather wasn't better and hopefully, if GACKT does it again next year, he'll be awake XD

All of these photos and videos are mine. Do what you want with them, I really don't care. Just happy to share as I know the vast majority will never get chance to see GACKT in action.
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I'm in Budapest! It's hot and sunny (so much for thunderstorms weatherman!) and is a really beautiful city. Me and [personal profile] aku_rin have done a lot of sight seeing, but probably not enough!

The YFC shows so far have been so much fun. YFC last year was kinda serious and menacing (well, as menacing as it can get when a band has Chacha) but this year is definitely fun. Jon does add a lot to the live show and takes some, but only some, of the burden from GACKT. Jon's movements when GACKT is commanding attention are hysterical.

Their vocals work really well together. It was hard to judge from the second row in Berlin, but from the back in Budapest I could hear how well their voices gel. GACKT dominates a lot of their vocals and usually takes the higher key and Jon supports, but he sounds great when he does come to the front.

Takumi has added extra depth to the live sound too. Everything is thicker, deeper and heavier and probably closer to what GACKT wants. His music is all about layers of sound and Takumi adds that. He's a little fireball on stage too! U:ZO is kinda serious on stage but awesome, and keeps getting hit by Shinya XD

Shinya has bought a LOT to the band. The drumming on the heavier new songs is completely different to past drum lines and instead of following Jun-ji's (or Ryu, or whoever's) lead, he's added his own personality to it.

I can't wait for the final in Moscow!!

We met so many people in Berlin and Budapest, some we already knew and some we didn't, and you all made the shows that much more awesome. Meeting people can be more fun than the lives, sometimes XD

Off to Italy tomorrow and then Moscow.


(Plus, I'm developing the biggest crushes on Jon, Takumi and U:ZO. Sorry GACKT, but you're only my 6th favourite member of the band right now XD)
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This is a long weekend due to Monday being 海の日 (Marine Day).

I have to go to work on Tuesday, although I don't have any work to do.

And then, I'm on my summer holiday for six, glorious weeks!


Plans for the holiday are to head up to Tokyo for a few days as my friend is coming from England and I'll get to be his tour guide.

Then, from Tokyo it's on a plane to Berlin to meet up with [ profile] aku_rin for our great two week trek around Europe together to see YFC (RUSSIAN VISA GET!)

I get back to Japan on August 15th.

Planning on heading up to Joetsu on August 20th/21st for the Kenshin Kousai (pretty samurai charging around on a white horse = WANT).

School is due to start on September 1st.

And SOMEWHERE, amongst all of that, I'll will be moving 550KM to Chiba. I still have no date at all as to when that is going to happen. Gah.

Today, I booked tickets to the L'Arc~en~Ciel cafe - L'Arcafe - for me and my friend when we're in Tokyo. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! Look at the cup you get! And the goods! I want a mug or seven. They'd look good in my new apartment next to my Nemuri mug, hahaha.

There's exhibits of the band's costumes and it's going to be awesome. My friend, however, doesn't know the first thing about ANY Japanese music so he's going to be completely bemused by it, haha. He'll enjoy the food though.

I don't plan on doing much before heading to Tokyo on the 27th. We're trying to organise a trip to see Harry Potter, as when the nearest cinema is a two hour drive away, it needs a lot of organisation! But, other than that, I plan to sleep and save money.
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Here are the GACKT scans from Arena37 August issue, released July 8th.

32 pages + two posters )
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More scans!

This time from Out of Music Vol 14, released June 27th.

Simple, but pretty!

24 pages + cover + poster )

And remember, from midnight (Japan time) on July 4th, to tweet #happybdayGACKT as much as you can!!!

Make sure to follow the Oh GACKT You Didn't Twitter account and the ever growing list of DEARS! Follow OGYD or tweet me (@pyroyale) and I'll add you to the list!
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Here are the scans from the August edition of B-PASS, released on June 27th, and also a page from TV Fan released on June 24th.

I like this photoshoot. It's far better than the cover would make you think it is!

27 pages (+1) and two posters )

And remember, from midnight (Japan time) on July 4th, to tweet #happybdayGACKT as much as you can!!!
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GACKT's new hair has a 'Z' shaved in the side.

Does that mean Zorro was there?

(Oh GACKT, you and your ridiculous photo shoots...)
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Here are the GACKT scans from the new issue of Arena37, released June 10th. 22 pages, including the interview and two posters.

Scans and download links )
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Quick thought (because I really don't want to get too in-depth on this topic)...

YFC has a second vocalist. GACKT, is recording songs. From his tweets, it sounds like he's recording more than one or two new songs.

So, who's to say that Jon is actually going to sing a note of the "GACKT songs"?? (Well, maybe backing vocals like Chacha and the pre-recorded vocals)

Presumably, the reason why GACKT is recording so many new YFC songs, is to further push that YFC is separate. Which means, he's going to be recording songs for the new line up... probably songs written for two vocalists? That could be a whole new avenue of song writing for GACKT to progress down. Who knows what he could come up with?

No wonder he's booked bigger venues in Europe this year, though. Seven members on those smaller stages would be a car crash waiting to happen. There'd be guitars clashing everywhere!

(For the record, I'm not overly enthusiastic about a second vocalist either, the first thing that drew me to GACKT was his voice and I want to hear that as much as possible, but I'm willing to give this a chance. I'm willing to trust GACKT on this because usually, no matter how batshit insane his ideas are, they usually work out. But, if Jon sings a note of FLOWER (if they do it) then me and GACKT are going to have words XD)

I'm spending a lot of money to fly to Europe and then to travel from Germany, to Hungary and Russia. I don't regret it because I know that when I'm in that hall, and YFC are on stage, GACKT in the centre and YOU and Chacha either side, I'm really not going to care. GACKT will make damn sure that nobody cares.

I am disappointed, however, that apart from a couple of logos, the YFC outfits are the same. I was really, REALLY hoping for a military theme. Stripping squaddies *sigh*
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This is the crazy post.

I'll leave the serious post for tomorrow when I've had more time to think about it.

I had a dream last night (always an ominous start to an LJ entry...)

I dreamt that I'd woken up and was going about my morning routine while listening to the radio. I never listen to the radio, it's always my iPod, but this morning I had a news report on.

The news report was talking about some murder that had happened and had exclusive live audio of the police raiding the home of the suspected murderer.

There were lots of noises of doors being broken down, police officers shouting and just full pandemonium breaking out as they secured the building and searched for the suspect.

Eventually things quietened down and all that could be heard was the voice of the chief police officer addressing the suspect, detailing the crime he was being accused of (all I know is that it was a murder) and reading the suspect his rights.

The suspect was GACKT.

The police chief was Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons.

I don't remember the rest of the dream in detail, but I do remember that GACKT hired Lionel Hutz as his lawyer, lost (of course) and ended up sharing a cell with Sideshow Bob.

WTF? The only episodes of the Simpsons I've seen since coming to Japan were the few I saw in England during Christmas and February. Where the hell did all of that come from?

The suspected murderer bit I can understand....
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Out of interest, if I were to sell my copy of Drug Party, how much would people be willing to pay for it?

It's the regular version and is in mint condition. It was literally bought brand new, copied and then put on a shelf to never be played again. Future viewings of the concert were from the copies.

Comments are screened XD

Not selling....
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Other than dreams related entries, it's been two weeks since I've updated.

I wish I could say that was due to me being so busy that I haven't had time, but it's more due to me being so dull that I've had nothing to update about.

School is plodding along nicely. I had a group of first year girls introduce themselves to me in the teacher's room today. It was a fun conversation and I learned some important things about my colleagues, such as to stay away from the maths teacher Murakami-sensei because he ate three people for lunch. The conversation became crazier and crazier, the girls got louder and louder, and it ended in one of the other teacher's kicking them out of the teacher's room for being too noisy and disturbing him.

I apologised to him after, but he explained that he didn't really care, it was just his job and the "Japanese style" to keep them quiet.

I was kinda glad because they were giving me a headache.

I had no lessons today (my new JTE at this school is a waste of space and is never organised enough to have lessons with me, but he's a really nice guy and keen to improve his conversational English, even if half of his sentences are in Japanese...) so I was preparing for Friday. I've been asked to model a presentation as the students will be expected to make their own in the next couple of weeks.

The title of this presentation? "My Favourite Artist."

I can't believe that I am, once again, getting paid to fangirl about GACKT. I never want to leave high schools. NEVER.

While on the subject of the Spambot, I sent in my SYH photo at the end of April and they've added it to the site - SYH messages @

I'm quite easy to spot, being the only white girl in the Japan section, haha. I explained to the staff that I was English but living in Chugoku area and gave them free reign to put me where they wanted and they chose Chugoku. I'm glad they did. I feel more affinity towards Okayama right now than I do towards England.

Strange, huh?

Here in Okayama it seems that rainy season is upon us with avengeance. It was crazy hot on Monday and is still really hot and humid now, despite the almost non-stop torrential rain we've been having. Surrounding prefectures have seen their highest daily rainfall in pretty much ever, so it seems like this is going to be a rainy season to remember.
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This is for [ profile] aku_rin because she's been poking me on Twitter to post about it.

I had a dream, a couple of nights ago.

I dreamt that me and [ profile] aku_rin went to a YFC concert together. The concert was, for some odd reason, in the assembly and exam hall of my high school. Quite why there would be a YFC show in a high school in the middle of England is something I still haven't figured out...

It was a standing show and we were right at the front, in front of Chacha, but there was no barrier between the crowd and the stage. And, there was no pushing. Seriously. It was as if each ticket entitled you to a little bit of space and everybody stayed in their areas. We had lots of room, nobody was trying to move us and we were happily standing two feet away from the stage. Despite the lack of barrier.

Just to make the crowd situation even stranger, at one point I decided to go for a walk (I don't know why!) and walked around the crowd and when I came back, my space was still there.

It was the calmest concert I've ever been to, let alone the calmest YFC show. I'm used to fighting for my life at those things and getting bruised in the process, however, this dream live was really nice!

Towards the end of the show, GACKT comes off stage and starts walking around the crowd as he's singing. I'm pretty sure the song was 君のためにできること (can't see them ever playing that at a YFC show...). GACKT is basically serenading every woman on the end of the rows and generally being a huge flirt with everyone (now that I can understand) and when he gets to me, the last woman left, he strokes my face (*swoon*), twirls on the spot like a ballet dancer and then gets back on stage.

And that was it. I don't remember anything else from the concert but I'm sure it was awesome.

Now I'm back at work properly (apart from Monday... they owe me a day for the Saturday I worked a couple of weeks ago) I doubt I'll remember any more dreams. Shame.

As so many people are talking about how great it is, I'm in the middle of downloading Game of Thrones. I hope it's good! I'm not watching much TV at the moment other than Doctor Who (nope... still no idea what is happening) and I do miss good shows. There hasn't been anything new that has grabbed me in years and all of my old favourites have all been cancelled or have run their course. I still have hope that Jack Bauer will rise to save the day again at some point, even if it is in only in movie form.


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