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Santa came a day early!

First, came this...

When I went to the GACKT x KIMONO exhibit a couple of months ago, I was told that they would send another cloth through the post and it finally came today.

YFCz x KIMONO. Gorgeous, huh? Again, GACKT's kanji signature...

And then...

22 diaries (plus postcard each) and 3 x Platinum Box XII.

More photos from inside - spoilers! Haven't watched the Platinum Box yet though! )
I know what I'm watching this evening XD

Have a great Christmas everyone!
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I'm about to leave for Tokyo in under two hours but I just had a visit from Santa (aka the postman) with some goodies and I feel like I have to share...

Why yes, that is 17 GACKT 2011 Diaries (plus a bonus postcard each) and three Platinum Box XIs (plus a DEARS gift bag each).


But, I don't have time to watch the Platinum Box before leaving. This is torture. I'm gonna see if I can copy it and I'll take the copy with me to watch at some point.

After I leave, I won't be back home until January 8th and I can't wait that long!

Oh, I got these through the post earlier today too!



EDIT - AHHHHHHHHHHH the card game included in the Platinum Box has instructions in Japanese, Korean, Chinese AND ENGLISH. THANK YOU GACKT!!


Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:48 pm
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I received a couple of presents today including my [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt Secret♥Santa gift!

I didn't realise what it was until I'd opened it, unfortunately, so I couldn't leave it until Christmas but look!


Why yes, that is a jigsaw made from one of the Camui Gakuen Bromide photo things.


I've now finished work until January 11th. The next two days will be spent cleaning and packing ready to head out to Tokyo on Friday night.

I can't wait!

(I think the LJ Location detect widget is broken. It keeps saying I'm in Paris. Whut?)
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I know I said that I was on a budget and wasn't going to buy unnecessary things this month (hey, the clothes and shoes spree I have planned for Wednesday is a neccesity) but I couldn't resist these...

So cute! I've ordered both.

Dammit YOU, it's bad enough finding the cash for the crap that singer friend of yours keeps releasing without you making cute things too.

Did the JLPT on Sunday. It was as expected. Kanji, vocab and reading sections were fine. Grammar wasn't (my grammar is awful) and the listening was, well.. no idea. It seemed okay but we'll see in March.

I applied for tickets to see BUCK-TICK in Osaka in March but they clash with Iron Maiden in Saitama and I'm sorry BUCK-TICK but Maiden > EVERYONE. Even if their tickets are ridiculously expensive. I did say I wasn't going to do both Maiden concerts and would only do the Saturday show, but, if I have no work on the Monday due to the schools breaking up, I can see me doing both nights *sigh*. Whenever I think that I've spent too much on GACKT, I just think about how much money I've spent on Maiden and it all goes into perspective again.

I've also applied for tickets for the free live LUNA SEA are doing at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Day. I'm there on Boxing Day for the Gazette anyway so I can go up to Tokyo a day early if I need to. Seems a good way to spend Christmas I think!
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You know it's a boring Boxing Day when the highlight of it has been discussing Gackt on the official Iron Maiden fanclub forum.

I love it when fandoms collide so unexpectedly.

Which reminds me... I sent this photo to a friend a week ago because it amused me so I may as well post it here.

Birthday card courtesy of Gackt/Dears. Christmas card courtesy of the Iron Maiden Fan Club. They really couldn't be anymore different could they??
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Family are watching the soaps so I thought I'd take the chance to distract myself by posting here. I'm on my iPhone so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Best present of the day was probably a Sat Nav from the parents although I guess it says something about their confidence in my navigation skills.

Doctor Who has just finished and has set up the second part nicely. I won't spoil anything but I'm even less confident about surviving the next episode without turning into a blubbering mess. The scene in the coffee shop nearly got me and damn, I really just want to glomp Tennant and give him a hug.

And to any Gackt fans who also watch Who... I'm not the only one who was reminded of the Jesus PV during certain parts was I?

Argh. If I see one more commercial advertising Boxing Day sales I'm gonna scream. Loudly.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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I'm not organised enough to have a fancy graphic or any proper gifts for the F-list (may do that belatedly) so I'll keep it simple and steal a phrase from someone far more poetic than me....

Happy Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a great day and get everything you desire. Just remember - not even Santa can deliver people as that's called people trafficking and is illegal even in the North Pole.

Don't eat too much, don't argue with the relatives, no fighting over the remote control and stay warm.

I have snow on the ground, mince pies in the kitchen and a big box of tissues ready for David Tennant's penultimate Doctor Who episode so I'm ready for whatever Christmas can throw at me.

I hope everyone else is ready too!



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