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GACKT was the guest on All Night Nippon tonight, on the show hosted by Kiryuuin Shou from Golden Bomber, aka, GACKT's biggest fanboy.

Download link - (37 minutes long)

GACKT's other radio appearance today on bayfm is here -

Do whatever you want with the downloads. Too tired to care XD
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GACKT was a guest on ON8, a show on the radio station bayfm.

I recorded (most of) it...

GACKT messages -
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Part 1, is mainly about Graffiti and the solo GACKT. I missed the first minute or two.

Part 2, is about YFC. While he's talking, ALL MY LOVE is being played in the background (from about 7:30 onwards. And listen to what he's talking about at 5:30...)

I was eating while this show was on, and after the second message I went to the kitchen. I came back, and they were actually playing ALL MY LOVE. I heard the last few moments of it and completely missed recording it *sad*

They followed it with YOU ARE THE REASON though XD

Part 3 -

The first couple of seconds are missing from YOU ARE THE REASON (no acapella start on record, of course) but otherwise it's the full song that was played.
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Here are the YFC scans from FOOL'S MATE 2012.12, released 10/29.

It's mainly photos from the Swimsuit Live on 9/25 in Shinkiba.

Scans and download links )
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For several hours this afternoon, a few of us on Twitter were spamming and discussing some TV performances of GACKT's (okay, it was mainly me spamming, but I didn't see any complaints!) and a couple of videos posted were from GACKT's appearance on Yume Ongakukan, on 2005.02.24.

[ profile] mind_cell asked for downloads, so I thought I may as well share with everyone.

All three are stunning performances, especially 君に逢いたくて.

12月のLove Song, 君に逢いたくて (acoustic) and Love Letter )
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Here are the scans of the November issue of Fool's Mate, released yesterday 9/29.

It's all about YOU )
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GACKT and Jon were on bayfm about ten minutes ago.

I tuned into the station literally twenty seconds before they came on, so by the time I'd booted up the software to record it, their first little talk had gone.

So, this isn't complete, but it's better than nothing! Hopefully somebody got the complete version.

The End of the Day
Message from GACKT and Jon
MIND FOREST (English version)

12 minutes 50 seconds long, 23.51MB

(GACKT and Jon are really cute XD)

Do what you like with it, I don't really care!

YFC video

Aug. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Late and short, but YFC entering the venue in Moscow.

You might want to turn the sound down a little...

Download it here -

Like the Kenshin Kousai video, this is mine. Take it, enjoy it, do whatever you want with it.
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Here are the GACKT scans from the new issue of Arena37, released June 10th. 22 pages, including the interview and two posters.

Scans and download links )
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In moments of boredom I've been randomly making gifs from the Nemuri DVD so I thought I'd share. This is Part I - I have to separate them as it'd probably kill my computer to post too many! Obviously, there are spoilers within for the DVD but nothing major.

They're only gifs so use however you wish, just don't say that you made them and if asked, link people back.

It looks very lulzy when it's in gif form...


+9 under the cut )

And no... I won't share the DVD XD
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I finally managed to scan and work some magic on the goodies on sale at the Camui Gakuen shows.

(Click the images for the full size version or you can download them all!)

Bromides (photos) )

Clear files )

Eronica notebooks *snort* )

Sorry if your F-list gets spammed with these. Please, report me to Kaicho for punishment XD
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Due to requests and the general loltastic-ness of them, I have scanned in the Dears Playing Cards.

The rest and download links here )

When I woke up this morning I had such a bad headache. I still can't quite decide if it was just a headache or a full blown migraine.

It had the sickness, light sensitivity and absolute clumsiness where everything I touch falls onto the floor that always accompanies my migraines but it wasn't as painful and one lot of ordinary strength painkillers pretty much shifted it. Usually it takes more than that.

There was a barbecue today that I had to miss due to feeling bad but considering the torrential rain we've had for the last 24 hours I may not have missed too much.

I have some training tomorrow so I have to travel to Okayama City. They split our prefecture into two halves when they organise training - North and South. I live in the North of Okayama Prefecture but my board of education is Okayama City in the South so I get grouped with the Southern training. This basically means that while all of the people who live near me get to travel together to the training on Tuesday, I have to go alone tomorrow :-(

I'll have to try to not spend any much money. An unexpected trip to Uniqlo has reduced the funds slightly but at least I know for sure that I can find clothes that'll fit without any trouble.
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More URABON goodness XD


Rehearsals time! )

Now, I feel it's time to attack the inbox full of emails and comments.
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I come bearing URABON scans ^_^

URABON - 其の魔

They all look like they're having FAR too much fun )
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Ha, I uploaded this weeks ago so [ profile] ryuik didn't have to but forgot to post it... Seeing [ profile] excused_early's post earlier today reminded me! Consider it the second part to this entry.

GACKT - Making of Stay the Ride Alive

HQ .vob rip - straight from the DVD, 745MB total.

Links under the cut )

I love these Making of PV videos. I love the new format of the Platinum Boxes but I do miss the Making of videos that used to be on them after all, we wouldn't have the epic face pulling in my mood theme if it wasn't for those Making of videos.
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After nearly two days of screaming at Megaupload I'm finally able to make this post but before I do I just want to point out something.

The past few download posts I've made have been for extras that have only been included on the Dears editions of releases and I appreciate that those are difficult to get hold of. These downloads, however, can be bought ANYWHERE so please, if you have the cash, BUY THE SINGLE.

You can get it at Amazon Japan, HMV Japan, YesAsia and there's even copies on eBay.

GACKT - Stay the Ride Alive PVs

All are .vob files and in all cases click the thumbnail for the full size screen shots. Entry is remaining unlocked unless it causes me trouble.

Stay the Ride Alive Music Film

Version 1 )

Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version - Original Angle

Version 2 )

Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version - GACKT angle

Version 3 )

Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version - TSUKASA angle

Version 4 )

Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version - Instrument angle

Version 5 )

Stay the Ride Alive Music Film ~real edit~

Version 6 )

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I've shared this over at Jpopsuki so it's only fair I share it here too. Taken from the bonus DVD that was included in the Dears only versions of RE:BORN...

GACKT - Flower (Original Version) PV

(Click for large)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's 5:46 of Gackt sat in a chair looking moody, smoking a cigarette and was apparently filmed all in one take (yeah right...)

.vob file only (380 MB)

And the other version...

GACKT - Flower (Band Version) PV

(Click for large)

.vob file only (380MB)

I don't know about anybody else but I much prefer the version with the band in.

I love this song so much. It's easily my favourite of all the songs he produced in 08/09 and the lyrics are just beautiful.

(Again, keeping the entry unlocked unless it becomes a problem)
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The time between Christmas and New Year is awkward and boring so I come bringing gifts for the F-list to hopefully make it a little bit brighter!

To the GACKT loving half (or three quarters) of the F-list....

Platinum Box X – GACKT Birthday with Dears recap

(Click for large)

Details and download links )

For [ profile] faithinfire (and anyone else who may be interested!)

Scans of the 2009 Iron Maiden fan club Christmas Card.


Plus the band messages inside )

And for the wrestling fans;

Some random, but awesome wrestling matches and clips.

Some of these are pretty old and are VHS rips so the quality varies from clip to clip.

We have WWF, WCW, TNA and ROH! )

I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!

Thanks all for being so wonderful *hugs*
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Right, I've had a few people ask me about these so in the interests of sharing, here they are!

I have 87 out of the 100 different stickers (plus two backs). They can be accessed via my gallery or by downloads. Links below the cut

#34 and Gackt's huge arms welcome you in! )

Anyone up for a swap shop? )


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