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Leeching internet again to make a good news/epic bad news post...


I applied for tickets to 3 Gackt YFC shows and won all 3. INCLUDING THE BIRTHDAY LIVE!!!

Lessons started this week and all went without a hitch. I'm in high schools so I'm surrounded all day by short skirts and testosterone. I've already been hit on by over sexed 16 year olds several times (is that good or bad?)


My car broke down. On the expressway :-( I was driving through a tunnel in a mountain and suddenly the car started losing power. The engine started choking and was blowing out thick, heavy smoke. I was down to about 30KM an hour while I had a queue of cars travelling at 90KM catching up with me.. I managed to get it out of the tunnel and to the nearest safe point.

I called the emergency rescue people on the roadside phone and gave them my details (difficult with them not speaking English and me not knowing much Japanese) and waited for a tow truck for an hour. The tow truck guys tried to fix the car but couldn't so they towed me home and charged me 41,600 yen in the process :-(

I now have a replacement car (which is so much better than my own car) and have to wait for it to be fixed.

I was really sad to hear about the passing of Peter Steele this week. Type O Negative were such an underrated band.
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I've been complaining a lot the past few days about how I've been struggling to upload things and about the general crappiness of my Internet connection.

Well, I think my modem has now gone to silicon heaven as it's completely unresponsive and has been for the last day and a half.


Shall be calling Virgin Media tomorrow for an engineer but until then I'll have to make do with my iPhone to keep up with things.

They'd better fix it before tomorrow night - I have a meeting XD
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I'm far too busy tonight to be online but I've had to access eBay.

I sold 21 DVDs a week ago (easiest £249 I've ever made!) and received a message from a buyer today to say that I'd sent him the wrong DVD. He bought the 2001 King of the Ring DVD... and I sent him 2000.

Which means the buyer who bought the 2000 DVD... has the 2001 one.

Fail. Utter fail.

Oh well. 19 out of 21 ain't bad right?!
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As you may have seen in this entry, I have 86 of these 100 Gackt RRII Arena stickers. It's become a little obsession of mine to try and get the full set (how old am I again? 12?!) so I have another 30 on order from the tour goods web shop and have recently made the mistake of looking on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for them.

There is *one* sticker that I'm missing up for auction on eBay.

It currently stands at $17.50

$17.50 for something that originally cost 200¥??!!

Fuck that!

I have three duplicates left over - I'm putting them on eBay STAT!


Besides I need the money. I need $2000 for this (don't worry, it doesn't really spoil anything) -

I the Motor City Machine Guns.


I also this -

A mix of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" with the Monkees "I'm A Believer"

I can't explain how GENIUS this is. I'm a full, card carrying member of the Iron Maiden Fan Club and even I can recognise how EPIC it is. Just go. Listen.


I have managed to complete ONE thing from my To-Do list. I'm feeling a high sense of achievement right now XD
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From the BBC website
A "massively co-ordinated" attack on websites including Google, Facebook and Twitter was directed at one individual, it has been confirmed....

Other sites such as Live Journal, where Cyxymu has his blog, were also targeted in the attack on Thursday....

However, in an interview with the UK's Guardian newspaper, the blogger blamed Russia. "Maybe it was carried out by ordinary hackers but I'm certain the order came from the Russian government," he said.

Yes. Let's blame the Russians for EVERYTHING.

We had more downtime today.


I've also tried to post this three times and it's crashed each time. It's a conspiracy. We're through the looking glass, people!


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