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I'm not sure on the numbers, but I'm pretty sure it involved Final Fantasy VII.

That game ate my LIFE for several months.

I have it on my PSP but I'm scared to pick it up again because it's been so long since I played it, that I know it'll just hook me back in and take over again.

Oh, and there was, of course, the night of the earthquake when I spent 9 hours standing in the street for a taxi simply listening to nothing but GACKT. That probably breaks some sort of personal record (for standing in the street waiting for a taxi - not necessarily for listening to GACKT, haha)

Going to bed now. Have to be up early in the morning to introduce myself to some new first year students. It should be fun though, the teacher in the class with me is the wonderful Nakashima-sensei (the teacher who went to RRII and named her phone email address after Belle) and I have a little bit of my self introduction dedicated purely to GACKT. She doesn't know this. I want to hear how loud she screams when he shows up in the powerpoint presentation XD
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I might do a proper earthquake post later as I have a couple of photos of things that will show how it was in Tokyo, but I thought I'd do a nice, light hearted post first.

Yesterday, I went to the Square Enix store in Shinjuku (ish)


(Click all photos for full size)

There's something under here for GACKT fans too ^_^ )
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I'm currently watching FFVII - Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray in full 1080p high definition glory and it is the single most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The fact that it's dubbed instead of subbed is, however, highly annoying despite the quality of the voice acting.

Oh - and the scene where Cloud is riding his motorbike outside of Midgar? It still looks like a shot for shot replication of the Wasurenai Kara PV just with an added fight scene.

I'm quite enjoying my lazy Saturday night. Eurovision followed by Final Fantasy = win!


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