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I know I said that I was on a budget and wasn't going to buy unnecessary things this month (hey, the clothes and shoes spree I have planned for Wednesday is a neccesity) but I couldn't resist these...

So cute! I've ordered both.

Dammit YOU, it's bad enough finding the cash for the crap that singer friend of yours keeps releasing without you making cute things too.

Did the JLPT on Sunday. It was as expected. Kanji, vocab and reading sections were fine. Grammar wasn't (my grammar is awful) and the listening was, well.. no idea. It seemed okay but we'll see in March.

I applied for tickets to see BUCK-TICK in Osaka in March but they clash with Iron Maiden in Saitama and I'm sorry BUCK-TICK but Maiden > EVERYONE. Even if their tickets are ridiculously expensive. I did say I wasn't going to do both Maiden concerts and would only do the Saturday show, but, if I have no work on the Monday due to the schools breaking up, I can see me doing both nights *sigh*. Whenever I think that I've spent too much on GACKT, I just think about how much money I've spent on Maiden and it all goes into perspective again.

I've also applied for tickets for the free live LUNA SEA are doing at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Day. I'm there on Boxing Day for the Gazette anyway so I can go up to Tokyo a day early if I need to. Seems a good way to spend Christmas I think!
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So, Gackt is currently on Japanese TV looking gorgeous in a black kimono and giving a video tour of his house.

He's shown his vinyl collection.

He has Iron Maiden's 'The Number of the Beast' album.



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The time between Christmas and New Year is awkward and boring so I come bringing gifts for the F-list to hopefully make it a little bit brighter!

To the GACKT loving half (or three quarters) of the F-list....

Platinum Box X – GACKT Birthday with Dears recap

(Click for large)

Details and download links )

For [ profile] faithinfire (and anyone else who may be interested!)

Scans of the 2009 Iron Maiden fan club Christmas Card.


Plus the band messages inside )

And for the wrestling fans;

Some random, but awesome wrestling matches and clips.

Some of these are pretty old and are VHS rips so the quality varies from clip to clip.

We have WWF, WCW, TNA and ROH! )

I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!

Thanks all for being so wonderful *hugs*
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You know it's a boring Boxing Day when the highlight of it has been discussing Gackt on the official Iron Maiden fanclub forum.

I love it when fandoms collide so unexpectedly.

Which reminds me... I sent this photo to a friend a week ago because it amused me so I may as well post it here.

Birthday card courtesy of Gackt/Dears. Christmas card courtesy of the Iron Maiden Fan Club. They really couldn't be anymore different could they??
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I took these photos tonight for a real life friend of mine who wanted to see them but as I have nothing else to post about at the moment (back to work Thursday - expect normal service to resume) I'm going to share them here.

This is The Collection&trade - otherwise known as my retirement fund, shit I've spent far too much money on or my Iron Maiden vinyl collection.

I started collecting this when I was at university. I have no idea how I managed to buy anything when I was working just 16 hours a week on minimum wage, going out every Saturday and buying all of my Uni essentials but somehow, I found the money!

Forgive the crappiness of the photos as the battery on my camera was dying. Also this is just the vinyl part - any box sets, Fan Club stuff, CDs or other memorabilia hasn't been included (mainly because they are all neatly boxed away in my storage cupboard and I couldn't be arsed to drag them out. Emptying two vinyl boxes is far easier). I also haven't included any vinyl I have of any solo/side projects of any band members XD

Cut to spare the F-list how obsessed I am )

I have no idea how much I've actually spent on accumulating all of that and frankly, I'm far too scared to work it out! Unless something horrendous happens (*touch wood*) I can't see me ever parting with any of it as it's taken too many trips to record fairs and too long to collect it all to just let go of it that easily. Plus I've been a Maiden fan for longer than I care to remember and they've been the soundtrack to so much of my life that I'd feel like I was betraying them or something... Stupid huh?

Looking at The Collection&trade all spread out like that in its obsessive glory has made me feel so much better about how much crap I own of certain other musical artists *coughGacktcough*
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As you may have seen in this entry, I have 86 of these 100 Gackt RRII Arena stickers. It's become a little obsession of mine to try and get the full set (how old am I again? 12?!) so I have another 30 on order from the tour goods web shop and have recently made the mistake of looking on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for them.

There is *one* sticker that I'm missing up for auction on eBay.

It currently stands at $17.50

$17.50 for something that originally cost 200¥??!!

Fuck that!

I have three duplicates left over - I'm putting them on eBay STAT!


Besides I need the money. I need $2000 for this (don't worry, it doesn't really spoil anything) -

I the Motor City Machine Guns.


I also this -

A mix of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" with the Monkees "I'm A Believer"

I can't explain how GENIUS this is. I'm a full, card carrying member of the Iron Maiden Fan Club and even I can recognise how EPIC it is. Just go. Listen.


I have managed to complete ONE thing from my To-Do list. I'm feeling a high sense of achievement right now XD


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