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I'm in Budapest! It's hot and sunny (so much for thunderstorms weatherman!) and is a really beautiful city. Me and [personal profile] aku_rin have done a lot of sight seeing, but probably not enough!

The YFC shows so far have been so much fun. YFC last year was kinda serious and menacing (well, as menacing as it can get when a band has Chacha) but this year is definitely fun. Jon does add a lot to the live show and takes some, but only some, of the burden from GACKT. Jon's movements when GACKT is commanding attention are hysterical.

Their vocals work really well together. It was hard to judge from the second row in Berlin, but from the back in Budapest I could hear how well their voices gel. GACKT dominates a lot of their vocals and usually takes the higher key and Jon supports, but he sounds great when he does come to the front.

Takumi has added extra depth to the live sound too. Everything is thicker, deeper and heavier and probably closer to what GACKT wants. His music is all about layers of sound and Takumi adds that. He's a little fireball on stage too! U:ZO is kinda serious on stage but awesome, and keeps getting hit by Shinya XD

Shinya has bought a LOT to the band. The drumming on the heavier new songs is completely different to past drum lines and instead of following Jun-ji's (or Ryu, or whoever's) lead, he's added his own personality to it.

I can't wait for the final in Moscow!!

We met so many people in Berlin and Budapest, some we already knew and some we didn't, and you all made the shows that much more awesome. Meeting people can be more fun than the lives, sometimes XD

Off to Italy tomorrow and then Moscow.


(Plus, I'm developing the biggest crushes on Jon, Takumi and U:ZO. Sorry GACKT, but you're only my 6th favourite member of the band right now XD)


Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:48 pm
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I received a couple of presents today including my [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt Secret♥Santa gift!

I didn't realise what it was until I'd opened it, unfortunately, so I couldn't leave it until Christmas but look!


Why yes, that is a jigsaw made from one of the Camui Gakuen Bromide photo things.


I've now finished work until January 11th. The next two days will be spent cleaning and packing ready to head out to Tokyo on Friday night.

I can't wait!

(I think the LJ Location detect widget is broken. It keeps saying I'm in Paris. Whut?)
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...who feels like they need a hug or a smile (and from what I've been reading lately, there's a lot of you that do)...

...GACKT has you covered.

I really wanted to leave all of these outside of a cut but I thought you'd all kill me if I did )

Feel better, F-list *hugs*

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Currently working on cleaning up scans of the other two Urabon magazines that [ profile] ryuik didn't complete before her studies restarted (should probably be up at the weekend)

I saw this and had the sudden urge to print the photo with the phrase "you don't have to be mad to work here... but it helps" attached.

And while I'm on the subject of Gackt and photos... HOLY HELL. GG Volume 19. Thanks Gackt. You've justified the money I spent on that Dears membership with just that one magazine but dammit, couldn't we get at least ONE full body shot so we can see the full epic sexiness of your Yoshiki cosplay?

(Couldn't bring yourself to wear the wig though huh?)

I have a few emails to catch up with so until I do...

[ profile] zerimar06 & [ profile] marshmellorobot - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE FULL OF GOODIES!! Seriously. That's made my week. *hugs*

[ profile] wongkk - glad to hear everything arrived safely and I hope you enjoy them!

[ profile] subtlepresence - thanks for the email and the thank you photo! It wasn't necessary but I'm glad you liked the goodies.

This week saw my second and final week of trial Japanese lessons. The semester is now over and the next one doesn't start until week commencing 22nd February so I have three weeks off. I'll be sticking with the intermediate Japanese class and have a pile of homework that really is going to take three weeks to complete.  

Of course, being me, I didn't look at it until I got home and then realised that I'm not exactly sure what it is I need to do :-/ It's photocopied out of a textbook, with no instructions and no English whatsoever and although I'm sure the rest of the class are familiar with these exercises I'm not and I have no clue what to do.

I'll figure it out. Hopefully. I'm pretty sure it's just translation work.

Roll on the weekend!
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I had a lovely parcel arrive today thanks to [ profile] abiona_sashenka

But my FAVOURITE item is under the cut ^_^ )

And from the 'they should make this into an angle but probably won't' file we have the arrests of Chris Jericho and Shane Helms for drunk and disorderly.

How absolutely wasted does Jericho look?!

More details )

[ profile] subtlepresence THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CARD! You're such a sweetheart *hugs* I'll be sending something your way shortly XD
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The time between Christmas and New Year is awkward and boring so I come bringing gifts for the F-list to hopefully make it a little bit brighter!

To the GACKT loving half (or three quarters) of the F-list....

Platinum Box X – GACKT Birthday with Dears recap

(Click for large)

Details and download links )

For [ profile] faithinfire (and anyone else who may be interested!)

Scans of the 2009 Iron Maiden fan club Christmas Card.


Plus the band messages inside )

And for the wrestling fans;

Some random, but awesome wrestling matches and clips.

Some of these are pretty old and are VHS rips so the quality varies from clip to clip.

We have WWF, WCW, TNA and ROH! )

I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!

Thanks all for being so wonderful *hugs*
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[ profile] wongkk - you're an absolute sweetheart! Thank you so much for cheering me up with that little bit of post, it was a delight to find it waiting for me after a very long and tiring day.

I'm also happy to report that the Global I promised you has arrived (minus the flyer unfortunately) but is in perfect condition.

It's fancy dress/wear something different day at work tomorrow in aid of Children in Need. Of course I forgot about it until today and am completely unprepared :-/

Looks like jeans, T shirt and New Rocks will be my something different. Pretty pathetic huh?
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[ profile] angstbunny, I saw these TNA spoilers and thought of you.

Spoilers for this week's Impact involving AJ and Daniels )

Ah, two more packages arrived today.

The chibi keyring courtesy of [ profile] subtlepresence *hugs*

The iPhone courtesy of O2.

I really didn't want an iPhone. I left work early last week so that I could go to the phone store and try a few out before I upgraded online (better deals) and I tried several, all of which were just iPhone copycats. The contract is £10 cheaper per month than my old phone for the same deal (makes no sense to me either) so I decided that it was the best option.

Of course Apple have done their usual trick of including virtually no instructions. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to put my sim card in and 45 minutes to get around Apple's instance that the only custom ringtones you can have are ones you either purchase or make yourself. And then purchase.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any place for a phone charm so the soldier who has been bravely guarding my phone since July has now finished his tour of service and earned his full discharge, with honours. Or in other words, Zero has been put back in his packaging, luckily none the worse for living in the bottom of my bag for several months.

I've looked into recycling my old phone via one of those phone recycling websites and they're offering me £84 for it, something I'm pretty impressed with so I'll be taking them up on that offer shortly I think.

I'm working a late shift tomorrow so I plan on hiding out, possibly building a fort under my desk as I seem to have accumulated a lot of pillows from random people, while playing with my new toy.


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