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*reads the Bound for Glory reports*

*reads the spoilers for this week's IMPACT*

Congrats, and it is well deserved, but really? That way?

Ohhhhhhhhhh... TNA. You make it really, really easy to not watch you any more.
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GACKT's new hair has a 'Z' shaved in the side.

Does that mean Zorro was there?

(Oh GACKT, you and your ridiculous photo shoots...)
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Quick thought (because I really don't want to get too in-depth on this topic)...

YFC has a second vocalist. GACKT, is recording songs. From his tweets, it sounds like he's recording more than one or two new songs.

So, who's to say that Jon is actually going to sing a note of the "GACKT songs"?? (Well, maybe backing vocals like Chacha and the pre-recorded vocals)

Presumably, the reason why GACKT is recording so many new YFC songs, is to further push that YFC is separate. Which means, he's going to be recording songs for the new line up... probably songs written for two vocalists? That could be a whole new avenue of song writing for GACKT to progress down. Who knows what he could come up with?

No wonder he's booked bigger venues in Europe this year, though. Seven members on those smaller stages would be a car crash waiting to happen. There'd be guitars clashing everywhere!

(For the record, I'm not overly enthusiastic about a second vocalist either, the first thing that drew me to GACKT was his voice and I want to hear that as much as possible, but I'm willing to give this a chance. I'm willing to trust GACKT on this because usually, no matter how batshit insane his ideas are, they usually work out. But, if Jon sings a note of FLOWER (if they do it) then me and GACKT are going to have words XD)

I'm spending a lot of money to fly to Europe and then to travel from Germany, to Hungary and Russia. I don't regret it because I know that when I'm in that hall, and YFC are on stage, GACKT in the centre and YOU and Chacha either side, I'm really not going to care. GACKT will make damn sure that nobody cares.

I am disappointed, however, that apart from a couple of logos, the YFC outfits are the same. I was really, REALLY hoping for a military theme. Stripping squaddies *sigh*


Apr. 20th, 2011 07:51 pm
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I haven't watched it all, because I think I should eat and do other things first, but I have watched some of it.



Edit - it's probably a mistranslation. The word translated as "cock" can also just refer to how hot it is so it's probably the case that the translator picked the wrong meaning.

(For those it concerns, DEARS DVDs are here. Will be shipped over the next couple of days)
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I had no lessons today (again... grrr) but one of the teachers I work with asked my second year classes what they want to talk about in their lessons with me this year. I taught them last year so they know me pretty well by now.

Their answer?

They want to talk about GACKT.


Let's just plan the entire English syllabus this year about GACKT. We can learn all sorts of new vocabulary (tits, sweetie, guaranty, (ir)replaceable, batshit crazy), sing lots of English songs (feel the fiyaaah) and watch movies ("it's a fucking famous ninja's name in Japan!")

I could do a whole lesson on teaching the names of different body parts, complete with lots of photos as reference material...


(Heh, I have these kids well trained, don't I??)

Monthly GG

Jan. 10th, 2011 12:41 pm
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I don't normally post anything about the Monthly GGs but this had me laughing so hard that I feel I have to.

GACKT has a student ID.

Even he doesn't have all of the stamps.

And, he wrote his address as being 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest Washington DC, DC 20500 0004 US.

aka The White House


No, GACKT. Just no. You'll never get there... you're not American born!

(And his student ID is pink/peach. Huh? I want one that colour or is that just for third years who CHEAT and don't have all of the stamps either?!)
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Oh yes, the ribbon wasn't picked up by any student so I snagged it today.

I've been looking at some ideas for Halloween costumes tonight and was looking at Rakuten but damn, they're all so skanky. I know Halloween is the the time of year where nice girls can get away with looking skanky (I'm sure that's the only reason the holiday is celebrated anymore) but I'm far too classy a chick to be skanky, even just for one night XD

I saw a cute flight attendant outfit that wasn't too skanky (short skirt but not too bad) so that's an idea or I might just be boring and obvious and go for the school girl look. It'd be a better use of my limited funds this month as it'd work for Camui Gakuen next month if we get tickets.

I was cleaning some scans earlier from Appeal+ing and it was taking quite a bit of time because the paper quality of the magazine is awful (but then again, what do you expect for 200yen?!). I came across this one scan of GACKT shirtless (the best kind of GACKT, I'm sure you'll agree) and I was really annoyed because there were some big white marks over it.

Then I realised they're not white marks. IT'S JUST WHERE THE LIGHTS HAVE CAUGHT HIS sweat SPARKLES.

(Additional sparkles may have been added by Photoshop. Maybe.)

(Ha, he looks like he has some radioactive disease...)

Reason #154,837 of why Johnny Depp is perfect. I want him and GACKT to have a perfect off. I think Johnny would win but it'd be fun to watch XD

And I think I'm in love with Christian all over again. His Twitter is really funny and full of lulz, especially now he has spare time due to his injury.
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Jessica and I were in the Sapporo Uniqlo today and I saw a fedora.


Man, if I had more money and less sense that would *so* being going in a certain someone's present box tomorrow.

Just for the lulz.

(Ha, the staff that work the DEARS Staff Blog accept English comments! I know because they've posted the one I left about that blog entry. Heehee.)
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Consider this an alternative Writer's Block question (that I stole from the FFAF post at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt)



Gackt, I choose YOU!

And not just for the obvious prettiness and the constant entertainment/facepalm factor he'd bring but because if you're building a new society with only a limited number of people, he'd be perfect.

Every society needs music right? Well he's a singer, songwriter and plays seemingly every instrument known to man so he can cover that.

He acts (sometimes) so that's movies, TV, voice overs and stage plays covered.

We'd need someone to run the school and thanks to the Camui Gakuen shows he has plenty of experience of looking hot in a school uniform keeping pupils in line.

Unless Hollywood has lied to me, every new society on a new planet needs their own unique style of dress and not only has Gackt modelled but he's won awards (well, I can remember one) for his designs. A society dressed by Gackt... *shudders*

To rebuild a society we'd all need to be fit and who better than Drill Sergeant Gackt and his wide variety of torture devices workouts.

One of the big fads in fitness training over the last few years is the 'dance yourself fit' craze. Dance lessons from Gackt would be awesome.

We need food and drink. As long as we give him four days and the best cuts of pork we can find he'd whip up a curry (just don't ask him to cut chicken) and we've seen him stomp some grapes to make wine.

Every society needs pets and he's good with all types of animals - dogs, cats, horses, snakes, ravens and those garish animal prints he and Chacha favour.

We would never be short of entertainment as Gackt would very quickly install a planet wide version of Touch the Numbers that we could all play. Of course, he'd still win.

If that gets boring then we could all just listen to his Gundam impressions.

If our society comes under attack from aliens we can set Gackt with his mad ninja skillz and samurai spirit onto them. If reinforcements are needed then he can draw on his previous experience of commanding the GHOST battalion.

If ever times get hard and we all need motivation then I'm sure we could always trust Gackt to conjure up some words of wisdom that will inspire us all.

It'd take so many man hours to successfully build a functional society and Gackt would see it through to the end without lagging or cutting corners - for evidence of this see the entry under DVD, Requiem et Reminiscience II.

Any disputes, arguments, slander or unfounded criticisms of Gackt's work for us all would be quickly quashed and nipped in the bud by a carefully worded (hah!) and forceful blog post.

Every society needs to secure it's future by breeding the next generation and I'm sure Gackt can help by... Yeah. Hmm. Leaving that thought there...

So you see, Gackt would be invaluable to this new society and new planet and that's why I'd choose him.
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The recent problems with comment notifications is being blamed on "an avalanche of snowflake cookies"

Oh, LJ. You give us a a free gift to send and it results in your system being clogged. I bet you won't be doing that again next year!

(Am I the only one who finds this hilarious?)


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