May. 27th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Going to Tokyo tonight to see L'Arc~en~ciel tomorrow. SOOO EXCITED. They're one of the few bands left on my "must see" list.

It's going to be a cheap weekend... because the summer is going to be VERY expensive.

Good luck to everyone who is after GACKT European tour tickets today. I'm planning on going to Berlin, Budapest and Moscow (grrrrr... I don't want to talk about Moscow right now) with [ profile] aku_rin and as Budapest went on sale early, I know we already have those tickets.

Hopefully, we'll get the others too!

Back Monday, although I suspect I'll check in before then as I can leech [ profile] shinimegami21's wifi on Sunday XD


Apr. 11th, 2011 12:12 am
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No more ranting from me today because I have some cute to share.

[ profile] shinimegami and her wonderful Zero, Gakupo and Grell dolls pointed me in the direction of this website, ran by some amazing talented people who make things for people. Their UFO catchers (plush dolls) are stunning and they have a huge range of Jrock dolls.

I ordered a Nemuri Kyoshiro as a Christmas present for myself with some of the monies I'd been sent as presents by people back home.

He finally arrived today (and got me out of bed >_<)


He's perfect.

His hair is perfect, his obi sparkles just as it should, he has the little Nemuri logos on his kimono and he's commando under there


I should probably be too old for this, but I don't care *cuddles Kyoshiro*


Feb. 5th, 2011 11:07 pm
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I was going to be sharing scans of all the YFC DVDs today but as my internet connection and LJ scrapbook don't want to play nice, they'll have to wait for another day.

Instead, I'm going to fangirl over the delivery I had today.


Ooh... two?

Pictures under the cut )
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Ohhh.... damn you GACKT for ruining my budget for yet ANOTHER month.

Not only is there the Europe DVD and CD, but you've added the snow festival goods to the Camui G store.


Guess I'll be putting an order in there soon... I want those post cards!

(I haven't forgotten about the Nemuri order either. Expect that tomorrow or Thursday)

Bed time now!
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I've been talking about this to a couple of people recently, and seeing as though I took the time to get my camera out when I was in England, I guess I should share.

This is The GACKT Collection (aka OMG how much money have I spent on his ass)

(Consider this a sequel to the Iron Maiden Vinyl Collection entry)

If only GACKT had a points card for loyal customers )

And I wonder why I'm poor.

Heeeeeeeeeeee, Nemuri tomorrow. I have resolved to not spend crazy amounts of money on goods again but unfortunately so many of the Nemuri goods are actually practical so it's hard to talk myself out of it. You can never have too many bento boxes, chopsticks or mugs!

Yeah... let's see how much damage I can do to the bank balance shall we?
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I know I said that I was on a budget and wasn't going to buy unnecessary things this month (hey, the clothes and shoes spree I have planned for Wednesday is a neccesity) but I couldn't resist these...

So cute! I've ordered both.

Dammit YOU, it's bad enough finding the cash for the crap that singer friend of yours keeps releasing without you making cute things too.

Did the JLPT on Sunday. It was as expected. Kanji, vocab and reading sections were fine. Grammar wasn't (my grammar is awful) and the listening was, well.. no idea. It seemed okay but we'll see in March.

I applied for tickets to see BUCK-TICK in Osaka in March but they clash with Iron Maiden in Saitama and I'm sorry BUCK-TICK but Maiden > EVERYONE. Even if their tickets are ridiculously expensive. I did say I wasn't going to do both Maiden concerts and would only do the Saturday show, but, if I have no work on the Monday due to the schools breaking up, I can see me doing both nights *sigh*. Whenever I think that I've spent too much on GACKT, I just think about how much money I've spent on Maiden and it all goes into perspective again.

I've also applied for tickets for the free live LUNA SEA are doing at the Tokyo Dome on Christmas Day. I'm there on Boxing Day for the Gazette anyway so I can go up to Tokyo a day early if I need to. Seems a good way to spend Christmas I think!
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But seriously, THREE versions and a special gift if you order it at Gakusai?



Oh okay... I forgive you...

All the info is over here at [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt
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It's past 3AM here. I got home about 30 minutes ago after sailing driving home in the rain and I'm completely wired and hyper.

I guess I'll use my energy to post this as I forgot to do it when they arrived...

My Dears goods arrived. Remember the playing cards?

King, Queen, Jack and Jokers )


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