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GACKT was a guest on ON8, a show on the radio station bayfm.

I recorded (most of) it...

GACKT messages -
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Part 1, is mainly about Graffiti and the solo GACKT. I missed the first minute or two.

Part 2, is about YFC. While he's talking, ALL MY LOVE is being played in the background (from about 7:30 onwards. And listen to what he's talking about at 5:30...)

I was eating while this show was on, and after the second message I went to the kitchen. I came back, and they were actually playing ALL MY LOVE. I heard the last few moments of it and completely missed recording it *sad*

They followed it with YOU ARE THE REASON though XD

Part 3 -

The first couple of seconds are missing from YOU ARE THE REASON (no acapella start on record, of course) but otherwise it's the full song that was played.
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I've been talking about this to a couple of people recently, and seeing as though I took the time to get my camera out when I was in England, I guess I should share.

This is The GACKT Collection (aka OMG how much money have I spent on his ass)

(Consider this a sequel to the Iron Maiden Vinyl Collection entry)

If only GACKT had a points card for loyal customers )

And I wonder why I'm poor.

Heeeeeeeeeeee, Nemuri tomorrow. I have resolved to not spend crazy amounts of money on goods again but unfortunately so many of the Nemuri goods are actually practical so it's hard to talk myself out of it. You can never have too many bento boxes, chopsticks or mugs!

Yeah... let's see how much damage I can do to the bank balance shall we?


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