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Yesterday, the Camui Gakuen phone game went live in Japan. Seito Kaicho finally updated his blog in order to publicise it (poor thing, his foreign studies must be keeping him very busy) and invited everyone to enrol in the “sexy” campus of Camui Gakuen.

Is it sexy?

Let’s see...

(Lots of photos ahead - click them for the large versions!)

Camui Gakuen, yokoso! )
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I went to the GACKT x KIMONO Exhibit today. I had nothing planned and it was free, so I thought why not?

You have to book in advance and they send you this great little invitation through. They only allow about ten people to attend in each time slot because the venue isn't that big, and the staff like to be very attentive to you!

The map on the back of the invitation sucked, but I was lucky enough to come across two DEARS, a mother and her daughter, also trying to find the venue. When they failed and had to ask someone, I felt much better about my own failure!

I knew we had the right place when we saw this in the lobby of the building (and the sign outside with the name of the building on was a big hint too XD)

(Click photos for full versions!)

More info and awesome free gifts! )
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Today was the Final of the Japanese tour at Makuhari Messe. This will be the show broadcast on WOWOW in January, so spoilers ahead.

Today, the venue was genuinely full. Still a lot of room in the standing areas, but that was probably due to building codes and fire restrictions and other boring things.

There were no new songs, and nothing was really changed from the recent shows. Unlike yesterday, they seemed to work the stage a lot better today, and there were less instances of guitarists frantically running around to be in the right place at the right time! The larger stage really gives them all the chance to shine though and I hope they all get their little taste of glory when it's screened.

The sound set up was even better today. I was finally able to hear LAST KISS properly, as usually the vocals are just swamped by the guitars. It's grown on me a lot more now that I've heard it! U:zo's bass seemed louder than normal too. Shinya has added a lot of drum fills, and gets a mini solo after EVER, so they'll be plenty of him on the broadcast too!

Vocally, both GACKT and JON were on fine form. Their harmonies were crisp and loud, and they sounded great. GACKT has cut a lot more lose vocally in these last two shows, as if he knows he doesn't need to protect himself for the weeks ahead anymore. After JESUS he just screams out loud, and his vocal for that song is a lot more forceful and rougher than usual.

So... shall we talk fanservice now?

It wasn't toned down at all.

Lots of nuzzling after NINE SPIRAL.

After Mousou Girl, GACKT was stood on the bottom step of the platform, thrusting at the audience and teasing them while JON stood behind, watching with an appreciative look on his face. JON came to stand beside GACKT, grabbed his hips, turned him around, bent him over slightly and that's when the thrusting and ass slapping started. GACKT straightened up, but then voluntarily starting bending right over again.

After the ass slapping/drum beat finished, GACKT stood up and leaned against JON, who then wrapped an arm across his upper chest. GACKT turned around and licked JON's arm (I think he started at JON's armpit, actually) and then JON licked him back, although it was too bad of an angle for me to see where.

This whole sequence is going to become a million gifs, isn't it???

The crotch grabbing was present in VANILLA as normal. When they all lined up on stage, GACKT faced the wrong way so he was facing u:zo, put his hand on the bassists shoulder and started grinding down slightly as he bounced from side to side.

The stripper hip thrusting was a little tamer than normal after VANILLA, but not by much. GACKT was bouncing around everywhere, JON was throwing a hissy fit whenever the crowd cheered for GACKT, GACKT smacked his ass.... Really fun sequence!

GACKT and JON headed into the crowd again for 又、ここに会いましょ. GACKT had a lot of trouble, again. People were grabbing at his shorts and pulling them down as far as they could, (un)luckily his belt saved his blushes though. He walked down the little inlet into the crowd and was almost yanked off his feet at one point, he had to stop singing for a few seconds so that he could right himself. He had trouble getting out as well, but he didn't seem to care as he voluntarily jumped actually into the crowd, back first and was just smiling so broadly.

GACKT's MC at the end was cute, but long. I imagine WOWOW will cut that.

After the show, it was u:zo's turn to entertain the crowd. He was about to run off the stage when he remembered something he'd forgotten. He stood on the vocalists platform, and dropped his shorts to reveal tight red underwear - a fundoshi. He unravelled the flap and it said 終子 (end) on one side and I couldn't catch the kanji on the other side.

On the way out, they were collecting for SHOW YOUR HEART again, but the table was manned by several dancers and a couple of Nemuri actors. Kazuya was particularly enthusiastic about this as he was literally jumping onto the table and yelling at people to donate money. It was effective!

I wanted to pick up a Fade album I didn't have, as I saw it on the DVD/CD table yesterday, but they'd sold out *sad*

So, in the words of JON, that's GAME OVER. It's been such a great few months YFC, thanks for all of the fun times and can't wait to see the broadcast.

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Tonight was the first of two days in Makuhari Messe for YFC. Tomorrow will be recorded for WOWOW, but tonight was just for fun.

Tonight was also one of the additional lives that were only announced a couple of months ago. Like most of these other new dates, it didn’t sell too well. Most of the stands were covered as the seats weren’t sold, and the standing areas had lots of space. Shame, because people missed a great show.

Tomorrow, is sold out though.

The sound in Makuhari was really good. The vocals were loud and strong and both GACKT and JON sounded great. LAST KISS is still muddled and hard to hear the vocals, but the other songs were all loud and clearer than normal. That’s a good sign for the recording tomorrow!

Makurhai Messe is an arena. It’s a small arena, probably just under half the size of Saitama Super Arena (the venue for the RRII Final), but it’s the largest venue YFC have headlined and had by far the largest stage. For the first few songs, SPEED MASTER especially, it seemed that the guitarists were struggling with the extra space! There were four little sections at the front of the stage made by the lights, and it was so that a guitarist (and bass player!) could take each section and cover the stage. It seemed that there were a few occasions where guitarists had to run at full speed to be at the right place at the right time! It was the band who covered the stage more so than GACKT and JON, leading to a more balanced full band experience.

I think that of all the guitarists, it was actually YOU who took advantage of this the most. He seemed to be everywhere and was pretty wild. After the group jump at the end of EVER, he was even on his knees, leaning back and playing guitar like a proper wild rockstar XD

The jets of air during SPEED MASTER are more timed and in sync with the music, and are also present during Episode.0. Instead of all shooting at once, they shoot individually or in pairs and it looks really well presented. We heard Episode.0 being sound checked twice before the show started, and I guess it was due to checking out the timings of these.

Now onto the fanservice…

No biting or licking this time. There were a lot of instances of GACKT grabbing JON’s crotch. He always does during VANILLA, but he lingered this time. When JON was singing a later part of VANILLA, he had his own hand on his crotch, GACKT walked behind him to go past, but instead stopped, reached between JON’s legs (from behind) and grabbed him too. During the audience participation part after VANILLA finished, JON was trying to work his half of the crowd by thrusting in GACKT’s direction, so GACKT tapped him between the legs with his microphone.

Poor JON. He really got abused (more later).

After VANILLA, they got into their usual position of JON thrusting into GACKT from behind. JON had his left hand (closest to the audience) on GACKT’s hip, and was fake slapping GACKT’s ass with his right to the beat of Shinya’s drum. As he was doing all of this, GACKT started leaning more and more forward… until he was bent right over and had to balance himself by putting his hand on the platform floor.

I never, ever expected to see GACKT being “fucked” from behind, doggy style by another man.

I never, ever expected to type that sentence either :-/

The hip thrusting and stripper moves from GACKT and JON get crazier and crazier every show. And funnier. I don't know if the intention is still sexy, or sexy and funny, but it's hilarious. Especially GACKT. For a musician who is a pretty good drummer, he has no natural rhythm at all, does he?

The front row was miles away from the stage, and it meant that neither GACKT nor JON managed to make the crowd with their ties, although they managed it with their shirts. YOU made a big show of throwing a pick to the crowd, he faked it out a few times, he wound up his throwing arm…. and then completely missed too. There were big gaps between the blocks as well, and two bottles (u:zo and GACKT) both fell into this gap and had to be rescued by staff. GACKT just laughed when he saw it fall there and the disappointment in the crowd’s faces.

For 又、ここに会いましょ, both GACKT and JON jumped down from the stage and climbed the barricades. They were pretty much standing ON the barricades, with several staff members behind them, both supporting them and stopping them from being dragged in. They were successful at keeping JON out, but GACKT seemed to disappear at one point. I was on JON’s half, not too far away, but in the wrong block to touch him. As he was stood on the barricade, I could see one hand, with a red sleeve, constantly petting and stroking his crotch. He didn’t even seem to notice! He was looking through the crowd and saw me again, smiled and then sang a line at me. ILU JON.

There were two little inlets into the main block in front of the crowd, so GACKT and JON were able to go right inside. There were little platforms too, so they could still be seen over the crowd. They finished the song there.

GACKT was very bouncy throughout the show, and seemed far stronger at the end than I’ve seen at any of the YFC lives. He wasn’t staggering after JESUS and he didn’t need help to get off the platform or anything. It was good to see. As I said earlier, he sounded great too, as did JON.

JON did have the “punk” Mohican hairstyle he showed in the blog yesterday. GACKT is, as he said in his blog yesterday, back to being blonde. His hair was slightly spikier too. The scratch on GACKT’s arm looks really nasty, his tattoo still looks great. It really is a brown colour, not black, and it suits his skin tone very well.

All in all, good show!

The Final is tomorrow. I can't believe it's all over (maybe XD)... I've been going to YFC lives since July and I'm not ready for them to finish yet!!!
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I went to the V-ROCK festival today. I had to get up stupidly early to get to Saitama before the doors opened at 9:30am, but YFC (and especially JON XD) made it worth the early rise.

More photos at the V-ROCK site

Set list and info )
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This was one of the additional lives that were added a couple of months ago. The public ticket sales only happened two to three weeks ago, and it unfortunately reflected on the ticket sales. For the first night of the tour in the same venue, there were 2,400 A tickets sold (the standing section has both A tickets and B tickets. A tickets make up the vast, vast majority of the floor) but tonight, there were only 1,500.

If you had a crappy B ticket, like me, this was a very good thing as it meant that you were able to get far closer than should have been possible. I was able to get on the second barrier, so right behind the pit. That should not have been possible at all!

Yes, there was biting )
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I saw YFC again tonight.

After the madness of yesterday and the bruising I received defending my place on the barricade, I was quite glad to have a terrible number. I was planning a nice, relaxing night at the back of the venue and out of harm’s way.

Yeah… right…

YFC really is DEATH. Plus bonus GACKT being molested and guitarist talk! )

I don’t know how these shows keep getting rougher and crazier. Every time I think it’s hit the limit, it raises the bar again.
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I attended the Swimsuit Live today, so here is a review.

Lots of water, fun and fanservice! )

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but it was just a big blur of FUN.

If they do another bikini live next year, I'M GOING. And I strongly urge anyone who has the confidence to do it, to do so too.
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Obviously, SPOILERS for the Japanese tour.

I’m going to assume that everybody reading this knows what happened at the European shows, either due to attending, watching the Nico Nico broadcast or reading reviews.

Y-F-Shi! )
I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things, so if there are any questions just ask. I’m now going to bed as I have to be up in four hours…. Damn you, GACKT.
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Here are some photos, a video and a brief recap of my weekend at the Kenshin Kousai.

On the Saturday, we visited the temple and also Kenshin's grave. It was worth the visit.

The Sunday, was all about GACKT.


It was worth the early mornings, the lack of sleep, the rain, the bruised ass from sitting on the road and the dead knees for sitting seiza for an hour. Shame the weather wasn't better and hopefully, if GACKT does it again next year, he'll be awake XD

All of these photos and videos are mine. Do what you want with them, I really don't care. Just happy to share as I know the vast majority will never get chance to see GACKT in action.
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This is going to be a really quick and brief L’Arc~en~ciel review (by my standards anyway) because I can’t remember what happened in each song or how it all fit together. It was just two plus hours of absolute awesomeness.

The lucky and very shiny ticket!

The concert and a few photos )
Set list )

It was such an amazing show. I wish I’d gone to both nights but I wasn’t sure I’d have been able to go to the Sunday show and make it home in time for work on Monday. As it happened, I would have had the time so I’m gutted I passed on a Sunday ticket. But, I’m glad to have been a part of the 20th L’Anniversary, if only for one night. As soon as the DVD is announced I’m pre-ordering it!
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I was able to see the last performance of Nemuri Kyoshiro in Hiroshima on Saturday evening. It was my second time as I also saw it in Osaka in October.

I’ve split this report into two – the first is the play synopsis which will be a straight forward description of the plot, and the second is the more personal perspective with the little nuances I picked up on, the fun parts and the things that went wrong XD

Spoilers abound in the synopsis but I’ll try to keep them out of the fun part as much as possible!

The Story )

The fun stuff! )

This has to be filmed for a DVD at some point. Whether it’s kept in tact as a stage play, or filmed on location, I think it deserves to recorded and seen by a wider audience. GACKT is perfectly believable as the cold and slightly detached Kyoshiro and although being serene, silent and strong isn’t really stretching his acting abilities too much, that can be forgiven due to how epic the fight scenes are.

Now, I want to go to Tokyo… I won’t though. Nope.

(And congrats to anyone who made it through all of that without falling asleep! I have a tl;dr tag for a reason!)
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Late report is majorly late, but hopefully there’s still some interest!

I attended the Chiba campus of the Camui Gakuen tour on Saturday and Sunday so here’s a brief (by my standards anyway!) review, with a bit of the Gazette at the front.

The Gazette - briefly )

Saturday - night buses, DisneyLand and seedy internet cafes )

Sunday - seat upgrades, fun with cut outs and stress )

After the Kobe shows and the amazing experience of being first row and centre, I kinda didn’t want to go to Chiba. I knew that the shows wouldn’t be as good for me and it was really only the opportunity to meet up with people there that was making me excited about it. I’m really glad I did go though – the shows were still sooo much fun and I met more people than I thought I would.

I think that the enjoyment you get out of seeing GACKT in Japan is 50% due to GACKT, and 50% due to the other fans there, be they his foreign fans or his Japanese ones.
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I was lucky enough to get tickets (along with [ profile] lefcadio ) to both of the Camui Gakuen Kobe shows on Saturday and Sunday.

This is mainly a report of Sunday night as being FRONT FREAKING ROW means I have a lot more to say about that one. If there are differences between the two nights though, I’ll make sure to mention them!

This is long so you may want to get a drink and make sure you're seated comfortably!

Before the show - molesting cardboard cut outs, ID checks and goods )

The first half - speeches, a play and some dancing )

Interval - speaking with staff members and being served pudding by a familiar face )

Finally! The live )

I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed the Sunday night show. To be front row for a show that is just so much fun and madness was an amazing experience. I really hope that GACKT is able to work some copyright magic and releases a DVD of this tour because everyone should see it. Or at least, the dance battle should surface somewhere. I’ve come out of these two shows absolutely in love with Junji (and not just because we caught his tie!). He was so much fun throughout.

I’ll be going to the shows in Chiba next Saturday and Sunday and although the tickets aren’t as good, although that would be pretty impossible, it’s still going to be amazing.

And after DEARS gave me those tickets, I don’t think I’m ever going to complain about them ever again. Or at least not for a couple of weeks XD

Note - I seem to have been drilled with a stupid number of PMs while I was away at the weekend. I haven't had time to really tackle them yet so if you haven't heard back it's just because I've been busy.
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So, here’s the NEMURI review. I want to start by saying that my Japanese isn’t the greatest so it’s very possible that I missed important things or misinterpreted things. Also, the play is pretty long and it’s quite an assault on the senses so I may have missed things or got them out of order.

And, some of the character names may be wrong. I picked up a couple during the play but most of them I’ve translated myself from the pamphlet and I’ve just taken the most popular name readings for the kanji.

All of the NEMURI stage photos are from the press day they had prior to the show opening. I just thought it'd be helpful to include some!

The theatre and goods )

The play. SPOILERS )

General observations )
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That live was hell. Seriously, hell.

But onto the day first!

Spoilers for WOWOW broadcast and now with added photos! )


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