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Open sales

GACKT EYES contact lenses

Details here

If you want goods from anywhere else, please ask and I'll see if it's possible.
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Santa came a day early!

First, came this...

When I went to the GACKT x KIMONO exhibit a couple of months ago, I was told that they would send another cloth through the post and it finally came today.

YFCz x KIMONO. Gorgeous, huh? Again, GACKT's kanji signature...

And then...

22 diaries (plus postcard each) and 3 x Platinum Box XII.

More photos from inside - spoilers! Haven't watched the Platinum Box yet though! )
I know what I'm watching this evening XD

Have a great Christmas everyone!
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All orders that have been paid for have been placed.

Expect all orders to ship between late December/early January. I'll contact everyone individually when orders ship.

Sales for the GACKT 2012 diaries and YFC store are now CLOSED.

Sales for the GACKT EYES contact lenses are still open!
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Had a few enquires about these, so why not....

I'll be taking orders for GACKT's contact lenses.

The store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the goods and ship them to anywhere in the world.


Order information under the cut )
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All orders paid for before this update have been placed.

Expect the GACKT 2012 diaries to be shipped out to you beginning 12/26.

Expect YFC goods orders to be shipped out to you beginning 12/08 (unless you've ordered a diary, too).

Still taking orders here -
YFC goods (please take note of the sell outs!)
GACKT 2012 Diaries
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The YFC Official Goods store has now opened, and I'll be doing a group order for the goods.

The store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the goods and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Information (yes, they have the vibrating phone straps!) )
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I'll be taking orders for the 2012 GACKT Diary. Full details of the gorgeousness can be found here -

That store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the diaries and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Price, payment and other details )

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In further evidence that everything in the South of Japan is running so smoothly that it's as if the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear problems have never happened, I had a delivery of GACKT goodies today (the notice on the G&D site of delays to deliveries that I hadn't even noticed obviously doesn't apply down here)


None of it is mine other than one postcard set :-(

So, apart from one little Camui G order, the YFC Europe DVDs and any DARTS orders (they work in their own little world) everything that has been ordered has been received. Some of it has already shipped and the rest will be shipped over the next few days.

It's going to take more than an afternoon to work through that lot :-/

*stares at the pretty some more*
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Because I need a distraction and there are pretty postcards to be bought... I'll be doing another group order for the Nemuri Kyoshiro, Camui G and YFC stores.

The Nemuri Kyoshiro store now has the postcard set available!

Details under the cut )

Any questions, please ask!
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Before I get drilled with PMs (heh) I just want everyone to know that tomorrow, I'm flying back to England due to a family emergency.

When I'm back in England and know a little more about the situation there, I'll see if I can put in orders for the new Nemuri Kyoshiro goods. I want that postcard set myself!

I'll make another entry when I know more so if you want to check back/friend me to catch that entry then that's fine.

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All orders have been placed.

There will be a slight delay in posting out the orders for the YFC and/or Camui G stores ONLY. I'm having to leave Japan due to a family emergency but will ship them when I get back (March probably).

Orders involving Nemuri goods aren't due to be shipped by the Nemuri store until mid-March anyway so they shouldn't be affected.

I have some lovely friends here in Japan who will be on parcel receiving duty for me so they will all be delivered by the GACKT stores without any problems.

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To anyone who has ordered with me on this latest group order, if your payment was received prior to me posting this, then your orders have been placed!

The dates for the goods to get me are...
YFC store - 2/22
Camui G store - 2/22
Nemuri Store - 3/18

So expect your goods to ship just after those dates.

I'll contact everyone individually to confirm when your things have been posted to you!

I'm still taking orders though and the sales post can be found here
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I will soon be making a group order at the Nemuri Kyoshiro store.

I can also take orders for either the YFC store or Camui Gakuen store – shipping can be combined.

The Camui G School store now has the Snow Festival goods on sale!

Yes, they still have the bunnies!

Click the banners to access the stores and details are all under the cut.

Information )

Any questions, please ask!
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Ohhh.... damn you GACKT for ruining my budget for yet ANOTHER month.

Not only is there the Europe DVD and CD, but you've added the snow festival goods to the Camui G store.


Guess I'll be putting an order in there soon... I want those post cards!

(I haven't forgotten about the Nemuri order either. Expect that tomorrow or Thursday)

Bed time now!
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For anyone who is wondering, I'm about 95% certain that I will be doing a group order for the Nemuri Kyoshiro goods store.

I have a few personal things going on at the moment, so I just need to ensure that I'll be able to receive and post the goods when they ship in March before I actually open the sales.

I should be able to do that later this week, hopefully.

Thanks for your patience!
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The Nemuri Kyoshiro webstore will be open on January 26th. (the site isn't live yet and asks for you to log in)

When it is open and live, I will be doing a group order for anyone that is interested ^_^

(Hopefully I'll have a proper entry up later!)
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Just a quick note - if anyone has ordered anything from me, it's now been posted so check your PMs/emails.

(Apart from those waiting for H-DARTS bracelets. Slow H-DARTS are SLOW)
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I'm about to leave for Tokyo in under two hours but I just had a visit from Santa (aka the postman) with some goodies and I feel like I have to share...

Why yes, that is 17 GACKT 2011 Diaries (plus a bonus postcard each) and three Platinum Box XIs (plus a DEARS gift bag each).


But, I don't have time to watch the Platinum Box before leaving. This is torture. I'm gonna see if I can copy it and I'll take the copy with me to watch at some point.

After I leave, I won't be back home until January 8th and I can't wait that long!

Oh, I got these through the post earlier today too!



EDIT - AHHHHHHHHHHH the card game included in the Platinum Box has instructions in Japanese, Korean, Chinese AND ENGLISH. THANK YOU GACKT!!
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I've had a few enquiries about ordering some goodies recently, so as I'll be putting in orders at these stores anyway, if anyone wants to jump in and buy something let me know!

Click the banners to see the goods ^_^

Camui G School Co-operative Store

The cost will be the total of the goods plus 15% commission and 500yen for postage from the store to me. Of course, shipping to you will be added after that.

YOU Original Goods Store

The cost will be the total of the goods plus 15% commission and 300yen to cover bank transfer fees (no card payments unfortunately!). Then, again, shipping.

General notes

I'm happy to combine shipping between the two stores, or the YFC store, or with the 2011 Diaries if you have one on order.

Payment is PayPal only and in yen and as a gift if possible.

I will be away from home from 12/25 to 1/7 (couple of days in Tokyo and going back to England) so goods will not be shipped until January.

Any questions, please ask either here or by PM.

YOU official store deadline - December 16th
Camui G School Cooperative Store deadline - December 23rd

I will still take orders after these dates, but this is the cut off for this batch order ^_^
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I'll be doing one last order for the GACKT 2011 diaries.

Full details of the gorgeousness can be found here -

Price & Payment

To buy them via me, they will cost 4,122yen.

(3,150 for the calendar + 472 commission + 500 postage from to me)

Payment is via PayPal only Please send via the gift option (if it is available... boo to the German PayPal) and in yen.



In all cases I'm happy to take postage costs when I'm ready to ship the diaries out (so you don't need to pay postage now).

I can, however, estimate postage charges and it can all be paid up front.

America - there are new rules now on shipping goods to America. Hopefully the diaries won't be affected by the new rules due to their weight, but I'm not entirely sure how it's all working yet. If I have to, I can probably ship them from England. So for Americans, I'd really prefer NOT to take postage costs at this point in time.


I will probably receive the diaries on 12/24 but will be leaving Japan for a winter holiday back in England shortly after so the diaries will not be shipped until early January

I will, of course, keep you informed of when they are ready to go and have been shipped.

Any questions? Please ask.


(And to the 20+ people who've contacted me about this recently, sorry for not answering your PMs before. I've been really busy with the Gakuen lives and didn't have the time to answer that many PMs in one go. I felt it was only fair that I answered everyone at the same time)


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