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This band is too pretty...

Only four pages. Each scan links to the full size, so you can just right click, save as.

Or, download them - (15MB)

Do whatever you like with them. No credit is necessary. Just don't claim them as your own.

That photo of JON, GACKT and TAKUMI kills me asugfhdsgfsiudfgsjdgh. It is now my desktop wallpaper, haha.
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Here are the YFC scans from FOOL'S MATE 2012.12, released 10/29.

It's mainly photos from the Swimsuit Live on 9/25 in Shinkiba.

Scans and download links )
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Here are the scans of the November issue of Fool's Mate, released yesterday 9/29.

It's all about YOU )
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Here are the GACKT scans from Arena37 August issue, released July 8th.

32 pages + two posters )
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More scans!

This time from Out of Music Vol 14, released June 27th.

Simple, but pretty!

24 pages + cover + poster )

And remember, from midnight (Japan time) on July 4th, to tweet #happybdayGACKT as much as you can!!!

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Here are the scans from the August edition of B-PASS, released on June 27th, and also a page from TV Fan released on June 24th.

I like this photoshoot. It's far better than the cover would make you think it is!

27 pages (+1) and two posters )

And remember, from midnight (Japan time) on July 4th, to tweet #happybdayGACKT as much as you can!!!
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Here are the GACKT scans from the new issue of Arena37, released June 10th. 22 pages, including the interview and two posters.

Scans and download links )
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As I said in my entry yesterday, I wanted to get these posted yesterday but my internet connection has been going backwards the last two days so I couldn't get them uploaded. Now, I see that [ profile] groovy_walls has beaten me to posting Version B.

Ahhh, never mind!

Click the cut for the scans.

I really fancy some chicken now )

If my net connection doesn't speed up soon, then I think I'm going to be yelling at Yahoo Japan shortly. They have an English helpline right? Good.

Sushi and karaoke later XD
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Whenever there are events like these, there are always photographers present who take photos and sell them to the various news websites and papers. They don't sell all of their photos and usually they just get discarded but if we're lucky, some of them get sold on to fans and I've been able to get my hands on some photos from the Hohoemi Project and the Asia Song Festival in 2009.

(Right click, save as or take the download links)

Hohoemi Project - 2010.12.14

+6 - no photoshop! )

Asia Song Festival - 2009.09.19

+14 - I love how the lights make his hair look red in some of these )

Feel free to take for graphics but don't repost without permission or claim as yours.

Oh and GACKT... NINE Nemuri performances in six days? With no day off?! Please don't keel over or do any permanent damage okay? not when I'm going to the ninth show. Wait for that to finish first
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Just two pages from 女性自身...

This is the magazine where GACKT apparently states that he doesn't have a girlfriend but wants one and is open to the idea of getting married again.

Small images link to the large versions. Right click, save as.. done.

Feel free to do what you like with it. A translation would be welcome!

Now, I must return to cleaning my apartment (ugh, why do I leave it so long between proper, good cleans) and packing. I scanned this in the fifteen minute break I allowed myself... Tokyo tomorrow ^_^
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Here are the scans of the Camui Gakuen report in the January 2011 issue of Fools Mate.

Drummer!GACKT invites you in )

Cross posted to [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt, [ profile] dears and [ profile] gackt_army. Sorry for the spammage!


Dec. 3rd, 2010 01:49 am
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The last thing I scanned was the Junon issue, with GACKT and Kanata Hongo. You may remember that in that issue, there were a few marks and blemishes on both of them that the Photoshop artists didn't scrub out.

I'm currently cleaning up the Gakuen scans from the Fools Mate January 2011 issue. There are a LOT of marks and blemishes on these that also haven't been scrubbed out.

Are all of the Japanese Photoshoppers on strike or something?!

It's quite refreshing to actually see what looks like skin instead of something that's been airbrushed so much it looks more like tightly stretched plastic.

(And there's no photographer credit to the article, just the writer, so presumably these photos came from GACKT's people and were approved by him/his staff. Interesting.)

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I mean though. It's nearly 2am and I need sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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Otherwise known as the magazine with GACKT and not so little Sho...

Scans and download link under the cut )

Bed time now XD
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I finally managed to scan and work some magic on the goodies on sale at the Camui Gakuen shows.

(Click the images for the full size version or you can download them all!)

Bromides (photos) )

Clear files )

Eronica notebooks *snort* )

Sorry if your F-list gets spammed with these. Please, report me to Kaicho for punishment XD
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Here are scans of the December issue of CD & DL magazine, aka GACKT being all serene and fierce in his beautiful kimonos

Scans! )

Also posted to [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt and [ profile] gackt_army so sorry if it floods your F-list!
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Due to requests and the general loltastic-ness of them, I have scanned in the Dears Playing Cards.

The rest and download links here )

When I woke up this morning I had such a bad headache. I still can't quite decide if it was just a headache or a full blown migraine.

It had the sickness, light sensitivity and absolute clumsiness where everything I touch falls onto the floor that always accompanies my migraines but it wasn't as painful and one lot of ordinary strength painkillers pretty much shifted it. Usually it takes more than that.

There was a barbecue today that I had to miss due to feeling bad but considering the torrential rain we've had for the last 24 hours I may not have missed too much.

I have some training tomorrow so I have to travel to Okayama City. They split our prefecture into two halves when they organise training - North and South. I live in the North of Okayama Prefecture but my board of education is Okayama City in the South so I get grouped with the Southern training. This basically means that while all of the people who live near me get to travel together to the training on Tuesday, I have to go alone tomorrow :-(

I'll have to try to not spend any much money. An unexpected trip to Uniqlo has reduced the funds slightly but at least I know for sure that I can find clothes that'll fit without any trouble.
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More URABON goodness XD


Rehearsals time! )

Now, I feel it's time to attack the inbox full of emails and comments.
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I come bearing URABON scans ^_^

URABON - 其の魔

They all look like they're having FAR too much fun )
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For [ profile] tenshin26100 (and because I forgot to post them here ^_^)

GACKT - 雪月花 -The end of silence- (Dears version) Scans

More under the cut )
I completely fail at posting things to my own LJ.
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is on TV.

Seeing Cedric Diggory hit by the ole Avada Kadavara killing curse is so much more enjoyable after watching Twilight. I wonder if it works on sparkly vampires.

And while on the subject of enjoyable things, I received a lovely package courtesy of [ profile] anei_no_tsuki today.

#98! Only 13 (minus 1) left and I'll have the full set.

I have 30 more on order from the web shop and after that I think I'll be plugging any gaps via Yahoo Japan Auctions.

I will get the full damn set.

Back to work tomorrow :-(


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