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*reads the Bound for Glory reports*

*reads the spoilers for this week's IMPACT*

Congrats, and it is well deserved, but really? That way?

Ohhhhhhhhhh... TNA. You make it really, really easy to not watch you any more.
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I'm borrowing internet again and I was just reading a news story about Christopher Daniels coming back to TNA.

My reaction?

Christopher Daniels has LEFT TNA?! When?!

I'm so far out of the loop... It's going to take me months to catch up.

I have been trying to keep up with the election news. I've seen little reports in the news here and nobody seems to know what was going on. Having read the BBC website I'm glad to see that nobody in the UK seems to know what is going on either.

I don't know whether that is funny or depressing.

After watching the YFC DVD more times than I would like to admit to I've really fallen in love with it. And not just for the obvious, sweaty and half naked reasons.

Chacha is on fire throughout the whole thing. I love his solos during Speed Master and he's such a bundle of energy throughout the DVD. For me, the more Chacha a Gackt DVD/CD has the better.

Kagero = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The uncontrol remix = ugh. I love the original version of that song :-(

I now really can't wait until the birthday live in Osaka and the two Sendai shows I have tickets for.

Hopefully, only 2 more days until I have internet of my own. I'm suffering through terrible withdrawal symptoms - my index finger is getting twitchy ^_^
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I'm 8 minutes into last night's Impact and AJ IS BACK IN THE BOOTY SHORTS.


I'm sure it's all downhill from here.

And I now have an International Drivers Permit. That's one thing to cross off the To Do list.

ETA - Daniels is getting mic time.

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I've had quite a productive day.

I posted [ profile] mjspice's prize for winning the last [ profile] gackt_army contest. Congrats again!

I've tidied up and emailed over the interview questions for a band (no names!) for a future Askew Magazine article (which is a minor fail on my behalf as I'd finished them a few days ago but forgot to mail them...)

I managed a trip to the GREATEST STORE IN THE WORLD EVER~! in town that sells sweets and candy from all over the world and am currently losing the battle against not ordering one of their random mystery boxes. Question is, do I order a mixed box or stick with a single country? And if it's a country, do I go with American sweets, Japanese sweets, Mexican sweets or Australian ones?

I'm now re-watching Torchwood : Children of Earth and it's just as harrowing second time around as it was the first time. Final episode tonight and I still don't think I'm fully over the death of Ianto and I'm pretty certain that I still haven't forgiven Jack.

And I see that Orlando Jordan was accompanied to the ring on TNA by both a female and a male valet. It's a brave step for TNA to book that but I'd be very surprised if they use Jordan's bisexuality as anything other than a cheap heat generator. It's probably the only way Jordan would be able to get a reaction...
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I had a lovely parcel arrive today thanks to [ profile] abiona_sashenka

But my FAVOURITE item is under the cut ^_^ )

And from the 'they should make this into an angle but probably won't' file we have the arrests of Chris Jericho and Shane Helms for drunk and disorderly.

How absolutely wasted does Jericho look?!

More details )

[ profile] subtlepresence THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CARD! You're such a sweetheart *hugs* I'll be sending something your way shortly XD
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The time between Christmas and New Year is awkward and boring so I come bringing gifts for the F-list to hopefully make it a little bit brighter!

To the GACKT loving half (or three quarters) of the F-list....

Platinum Box X – GACKT Birthday with Dears recap

(Click for large)

Details and download links )

For [ profile] faithinfire (and anyone else who may be interested!)

Scans of the 2009 Iron Maiden fan club Christmas Card.


Plus the band messages inside )

And for the wrestling fans;

Some random, but awesome wrestling matches and clips.

Some of these are pretty old and are VHS rips so the quality varies from clip to clip.

We have WWF, WCW, TNA and ROH! )

I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!

Thanks all for being so wonderful *hugs*
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I received a bumper parcel of goodies today!

So we have-
RE:BORN (Dears Version)
雪月花 -The end of silence- (Dears Version)
Platinum Box I (DVD Reissue)
Platinum Box II (DVD Reissue)
Birthday card
Gakuen bromide photo card thingys x 8
Gakuen chibi keyrings x 3

..and a hole in the bank account.

This afternoon will be spent trying to scan RE:BORN without ruining it. There are a few extra pages that I definitely want to try and get such as the interview and the uniform explanations.

If, at the end of the month, I complain about not being able to afford my car insurance kindly direct me to this entry as it'll explain exactly why I can't afford it.

And in other news, my former University are the most disorganised, infuriating and shitty organisation I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

I requested a letter of confirmation detailing dates of attendance, degree awarded etc two weeks ago. I chased it with them last Tuesday and was told that they would do it immediately, take the payment from my card and post it out right away.

I tried to call them all day Friday to chase it as I hadn't received the letter and they hadn't taken the payment. I called them ELEVEN times and nobody answered. I finally got through today to be told that they were still waiting for the cashier to process the payment.


End result is that the letter is going out this afternoon and they'll charge me for it when they get around to it. Part of me thinks I should cancel the card but the other part of me remembers that they know where I live..

And the TLC PPV. Huh? (No spoilers) There was a stunned silence in the room after one of the matches. I don't think I need to say which one!
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I'm not going to lie and say that I was a fan, but I'm really sad to hear the news that Umaga has passed away.

36 is no age to die - not even for a professional wrestler.

It's too early to say exactly why he passed but early speculation of heart attacks and drug overdoses has him as yet another statistic and victim of professional wrestling.

And he'd be a particularly sad statistic as the rumour always was that the WWE future endeavoured him because he refused to attend rehab following a wellness test fail.

Spooky fact of the day - Eddie 'Umaga' Fatu's last match was against Ken Kennedy in Australia recently. Eddie Guerrero's last match was also against Kennedy. That's not a record anyone could possibly want.
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[ profile] angstbunny, I saw these TNA spoilers and thought of you.

Spoilers for this week's Impact involving AJ and Daniels )

Ah, two more packages arrived today.

The chibi keyring courtesy of [ profile] subtlepresence *hugs*

The iPhone courtesy of O2.

I really didn't want an iPhone. I left work early last week so that I could go to the phone store and try a few out before I upgraded online (better deals) and I tried several, all of which were just iPhone copycats. The contract is £10 cheaper per month than my old phone for the same deal (makes no sense to me either) so I decided that it was the best option.

Of course Apple have done their usual trick of including virtually no instructions. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to put my sim card in and 45 minutes to get around Apple's instance that the only custom ringtones you can have are ones you either purchase or make yourself. And then purchase.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any place for a phone charm so the soldier who has been bravely guarding my phone since July has now finished his tour of service and earned his full discharge, with honours. Or in other words, Zero has been put back in his packaging, luckily none the worse for living in the bottom of my bag for several months.

I've looked into recycling my old phone via one of those phone recycling websites and they're offering me £84 for it, something I'm pretty impressed with so I'll be taking them up on that offer shortly I think.

I'm working a late shift tomorrow so I plan on hiding out, possibly building a fort under my desk as I seem to have accumulated a lot of pillows from random people, while playing with my new toy.
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This will only be rescued by the immediate TV debut of Eric Bischoff because damn, I always had such an inappropriate crush on Bischoff. Especially when he's being uber slimy.
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Derren Brown - your explanation of how you picked the winning lottery numbers really disappointed me. I'm ignoring the first 57 minutes of the show and am pretending that you did indeed switch the balls and fixed the lottery machine as that's far more entertaining.

I'd have preferred an hour programme about how he set up a split screen camera trick.

And as for Jeff Hardy - d'oh! Drug trafficking? Really? I bet the WWE have never been so glad to see a world champion leave the company.
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As you may have seen in this entry, I have 86 of these 100 Gackt RRII Arena stickers. It's become a little obsession of mine to try and get the full set (how old am I again? 12?!) so I have another 30 on order from the tour goods web shop and have recently made the mistake of looking on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for them.

There is *one* sticker that I'm missing up for auction on eBay.

It currently stands at $17.50

$17.50 for something that originally cost 200¥??!!

Fuck that!

I have three duplicates left over - I'm putting them on eBay STAT!


Besides I need the money. I need $2000 for this (don't worry, it doesn't really spoil anything) -

I the Motor City Machine Guns.


I also this -

A mix of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" with the Monkees "I'm A Believer"

I can't explain how GENIUS this is. I'm a full, card carrying member of the Iron Maiden Fan Club and even I can recognise how EPIC it is. Just go. Listen.


I have managed to complete ONE thing from my To-Do list. I'm feeling a high sense of achievement right now XD


Jun. 20th, 2009 11:54 pm
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Does anyone have any weird/wonderful/crazy websites that I can kill a few hours with?

I'm desperately trying not to spend any money at the moment so I'm staying home and generally being anti-social for the next week or two but boredom is really starting to set in. There are only so many hours you can spend on or [ profile] ohnotheydidnt before you start wanting to eat your own hair.

I'm even starting to get bored of LJ.

I did watch TNA tonight though. I'm starting to develop a major girl crush on Daffney to go along with the ones I already have on Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. The little goth girl in me that likes to play dress up really wants to raid Daffney's wardrobe.

And Samoa Joe... A few weeks ago he was beating AJ and telling him his "Nation of Violence was a nation of one" and now he's riding to his rescue? The way this is being written and acted out makes it look like Joe has a crush on him. It's very, very weird - especially when you consider how canon is dealing with AJ and Daniels' "relationship".

Okay ladies. Who has a secret booking job with TNA and isn't telling us?!

And the fact that the Motor City Machine Guns have "Detroit" written on their tights in Japanese (well, Katakana - デトロイト) amuses me highly ^_^

I think it's Persona 4 time again.


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