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Actually, no.

What I had instead, was a room full of stuffed toys that would come alive at night and have wild parties. When my mother dragged me grocery shopping, I'd have an imaginary shopping trolley that I'd fill full of imaginary party food for them.

Care Bears are party animals.
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Of the greatest songs ever recorded, IMO.

And it has David Bowie. What's not to love??

(Sorry for two entries in row :-/)
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I'm not sure on the numbers, but I'm pretty sure it involved Final Fantasy VII.

That game ate my LIFE for several months.

I have it on my PSP but I'm scared to pick it up again because it's been so long since I played it, that I know it'll just hook me back in and take over again.

Oh, and there was, of course, the night of the earthquake when I spent 9 hours standing in the street for a taxi simply listening to nothing but GACKT. That probably breaks some sort of personal record (for standing in the street waiting for a taxi - not necessarily for listening to GACKT, haha)

Going to bed now. Have to be up early in the morning to introduce myself to some new first year students. It should be fun though, the teacher in the class with me is the wonderful Nakashima-sensei (the teacher who went to RRII and named her phone email address after Belle) and I have a little bit of my self introduction dedicated purely to GACKT. She doesn't know this. I want to hear how loud she screams when he shows up in the powerpoint presentation XD
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I have two (well, three I guess).

Firstly there is Iron Maiden at Donington in 2003.

It was the first year of the Download festival and nobody really knew what it would be like. The line up was awful and it was boiling hot so it resulted in the 50,000 strong crowd spending most of the day lying around on the hallowed dust hills that had once been grass. I was really disappointed in the lack of the atmosphere but then Maiden came on and everyone came alive. It was as if everyone had come to the show for Maiden and Maiden only and as someone who genuinely *had* only gone to see Maiden, it was an awesome experience.

And the other one (two) would be, of course, Gackt at Saitama Super Arena this July.

Why was it magical? .... It's been two and a half months since those shows and I was hoping that time would give me some perspective but I'm still kinda in a daze. Which is crazy because I've been to DOZENS of concerts over the years by so many different bands and I've never been affected like this before. It was just such a show in this fantastic little world... When I finally get my hands on the DVD I think I'll just cry my way through it.

I honestly think Gackt has broken my brain and dammit, I want it fixed.

I had to work today and it was the most pointless 8 hours of my life. I answered five queries, took one complaint call and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how many days off I could take over Christmas without borrowing any leave from next year. Such a waste of time.
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Monkey feet.

I can pick practically anything up with my feet and write quite legibly with them. It comes in very handy when I'm too lazy to bend down and pick things up.

I scanned these in earlier and found them highly amusing.

"Right guys, you struggle with that badly photoshopped in army truck while I stand over here looking cool and.. Jun-ji! You do have the the safety on that right?!"


"Sorry boss..."

Is You-kun falling asleep or just trying to block out Gackt's violin playing whilst thinking "I can play better than that?"

And how the hell does a violin survive in the trenches of World War II anyway?

Unfortunately I didn't get the card that has Asakura and Zero completely ignoring Maria and instead making eyes at each other. There's a whole other level to that little love triangle that hasn't even been touched on methinks ^_^

Back to the real world and work tomorrow.

It's gonna KILL me.


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