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I'll be taking orders for the 2012 GACKT Diary. Full details of the gorgeousness can be found here -

That store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the diaries and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Price details

Each diary will cost 3,622yen (that's 3,150 + 15% commission)

Each order will have an additional 500yen to cover shipping from the Netst store to me.

So, if you order one diary, it's 3,622yen + 500 yen. If you order two diaries, it's 7,244 + 500yen and so forth.

Shipping from Japan will then be added, and will be via EMS or airmail - the choice is yours.

EMS is more expensive, but is trackable. Airmail is slower, and will be cheaper. There is no commission fee on any postage.

Payment details

Payment is via PayPal only.

Please send as a personal payment, via the gift option, and pay the additional fee.

Some countries (Germany, China and Brazil for example) don't have this option so there will be an additional 4% charged. You can see all of the explanations and details about this on PayPal's website (so yell at them!)


The deadline to order the calendar is 12/16, so I will ask for all money to be paid by 12/12

Calendars begin shipping on 12/24 (a Saturday). I'm remaining in Japan for Christmas and New Year, so I should be able to get them shipped within a few days. If the orders are placed near to the 12/12 deadline, they may be shipped later than 12/24 by Netst, but I'll let you know!

If you hit my sales tag, you can see previous sales offers I've done, including last year's diaries XD

Also, the Camui Gakuen and Nemuri Kyoshiro stores are still taking orders, so if you want to order anything from there and combine postage from Japan, I can do that (the stores act independently though, so it's an extra 500yen postage within Japan per store. Some items that appear in stock are sold out, but I can check that for you)

I hope that all makes sense! For postage quotes or if you have any questions, please ask either in the comments or via PM.


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