Nov. 3rd, 2011 12:57 pm
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I kinda bitched about this on Twitter earlier (and many, many times before) but I don't think 140 characters is enough to explain myself.

I think it's a real shame that Twitter has replaced so much of fandom. Some news happens and dozens of people post about it to Twitter, dozens more discuss it, and then that's it. Everyone thinks "discussion over". It's creating a two tier fandom. The tier who are on Twitter when it happens, and the tier that aren't. And that "aren't" tier isn't just people who don't have a Twitter, but it's people who do have a Twitter but aren't on at that time because they're working, or at school or even asleep.

By the time those people get online a few hours later, the news and discussion is finished and they miss out through no fault of their own unless they're willing to trawl back through hundreds of tweets in the hope of finding something interesting.

But if the news is posted to the communities, it's there as a permanent record for all to see. Everyone can see the news, everyone can see the comments and everyone can join in.

Now, I know that I post a lot of things via the OGYD Twitter and don't put them into the communities, but it's never actual news. It's U:ZO and his chipped nail polish, or YOU and TAKUMI camera whoring again. If people miss that all they miss is some pretty, no actual news. But stuff like a PV preview? Everyone should be able to see that easily, and not have to hunt through their Twitter timeline.

I don't know. There seems to be a small (and I mean, small) sub-section of the fandom who are eager to make a name for themselves by getting the news first and keeping it to themselves. I can't help but feel that this is tied into that, at least a little.

So, in short, fandom is for everyone.

(And this isn't just me saying "post everything to [ profile] ohgacktyoudidnt" as I think [ profile] dears suffers far more from this than OGYD does.)

Now, I'm going to get some milk because tea will turn me back into my usual oasis of calm. In fact, I'm blaming this on the lack of tea. Me English. Me no function without tea.


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