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Today was the Final of the Japanese tour at Makuhari Messe. This will be the show broadcast on WOWOW in January, so spoilers ahead.

Today, the venue was genuinely full. Still a lot of room in the standing areas, but that was probably due to building codes and fire restrictions and other boring things.

There were no new songs, and nothing was really changed from the recent shows. Unlike yesterday, they seemed to work the stage a lot better today, and there were less instances of guitarists frantically running around to be in the right place at the right time! The larger stage really gives them all the chance to shine though and I hope they all get their little taste of glory when it's screened.

The sound set up was even better today. I was finally able to hear LAST KISS properly, as usually the vocals are just swamped by the guitars. It's grown on me a lot more now that I've heard it! U:zo's bass seemed louder than normal too. Shinya has added a lot of drum fills, and gets a mini solo after EVER, so they'll be plenty of him on the broadcast too!

Vocally, both GACKT and JON were on fine form. Their harmonies were crisp and loud, and they sounded great. GACKT has cut a lot more lose vocally in these last two shows, as if he knows he doesn't need to protect himself for the weeks ahead anymore. After JESUS he just screams out loud, and his vocal for that song is a lot more forceful and rougher than usual.

So... shall we talk fanservice now?

It wasn't toned down at all.

Lots of nuzzling after NINE SPIRAL.

After Mousou Girl, GACKT was stood on the bottom step of the platform, thrusting at the audience and teasing them while JON stood behind, watching with an appreciative look on his face. JON came to stand beside GACKT, grabbed his hips, turned him around, bent him over slightly and that's when the thrusting and ass slapping started. GACKT straightened up, but then voluntarily starting bending right over again.

After the ass slapping/drum beat finished, GACKT stood up and leaned against JON, who then wrapped an arm across his upper chest. GACKT turned around and licked JON's arm (I think he started at JON's armpit, actually) and then JON licked him back, although it was too bad of an angle for me to see where.

This whole sequence is going to become a million gifs, isn't it???

The crotch grabbing was present in VANILLA as normal. When they all lined up on stage, GACKT faced the wrong way so he was facing u:zo, put his hand on the bassists shoulder and started grinding down slightly as he bounced from side to side.

The stripper hip thrusting was a little tamer than normal after VANILLA, but not by much. GACKT was bouncing around everywhere, JON was throwing a hissy fit whenever the crowd cheered for GACKT, GACKT smacked his ass.... Really fun sequence!

GACKT and JON headed into the crowd again for 又、ここに会いましょ. GACKT had a lot of trouble, again. People were grabbing at his shorts and pulling them down as far as they could, (un)luckily his belt saved his blushes though. He walked down the little inlet into the crowd and was almost yanked off his feet at one point, he had to stop singing for a few seconds so that he could right himself. He had trouble getting out as well, but he didn't seem to care as he voluntarily jumped actually into the crowd, back first and was just smiling so broadly.

GACKT's MC at the end was cute, but long. I imagine WOWOW will cut that.

After the show, it was u:zo's turn to entertain the crowd. He was about to run off the stage when he remembered something he'd forgotten. He stood on the vocalists platform, and dropped his shorts to reveal tight red underwear - a fundoshi. He unravelled the flap and it said 終子 (end) on one side and I couldn't catch the kanji on the other side.

On the way out, they were collecting for SHOW YOUR HEART again, but the table was manned by several dancers and a couple of Nemuri actors. Kazuya was particularly enthusiastic about this as he was literally jumping onto the table and yelling at people to donate money. It was effective!

I wanted to pick up a Fade album I didn't have, as I saw it on the DVD/CD table yesterday, but they'd sold out *sad*

So, in the words of JON, that's GAME OVER. It's been such a great few months YFC, thanks for all of the fun times and can't wait to see the broadcast.

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