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I will try and update this with tales from Europe, Tokyo and L'Arcafe at some point, but not right now. Anyone on my Facebook can see all of the photos there.

It's a very busy and stressful time for me right now.

I arrived back in Japan on Monday afternoon (ohhhhh, so much drama in Shanghai on the way XD) and got home Monday night.

On Friday, I'll be leaving Okayama and heading up to Niigata for the Kenshin festival.

On Sunday, I'll be leaving Niigata and heading to Chiba.

On Monday morning, I meet my new branch and move into my new apartment.

This is insane. Trying to pack up an apartment, arrange moving things and selling a car in less than four days is something I will not recommend to anyone.

I booked the moving company online because it meant that I didn't have to speak to anyone with my crappy Japanese and it would therefore be quicker, but they still insisted on calling me to check every single detail on the form. What? Was that necessary?

I just have this fear that everything is going to go wrong...


Oh well, can only do my best and see what happens, right?
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And in news that will be of no interest to anyone on my F-List apart from me and possibly one other person (if I've judged their music tastes right!) there is the possibility that the Queensr├┐che album 'Operation : Mindcrime' will be taken to Broadway

If that happens - I'M THERE.

Best. Album. Ever.

And that's coming from someone who, with the exception of a couple of songs, has hated every other thing Queensr├┐che have ever recorded.

Now I need to go to bed as I have to be up for work in about 6 hours :-(


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