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Santa came a day early!

First, came this...

When I went to the GACKT x KIMONO exhibit a couple of months ago, I was told that they would send another cloth through the post and it finally came today.

YFCz x KIMONO. Gorgeous, huh? Again, GACKT's kanji signature...

And then...

22 diaries (plus postcard each) and 3 x Platinum Box XII.

More photos from inside - spoilers! Haven't watched the Platinum Box yet though! )
I know what I'm watching this evening XD

Have a great Christmas everyone!


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:32 pm
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I squeed about this on Twitter, but never posted on here because it all happened when I was away in Osaka.

fade are touring Japan in December and doing three shows. I applied for tickets to two shows, Tokyo and Osaka, and got them both.

I paid for the tickets while I was in Osaka, and they were given to me then.

For Shibuya, I have ticket number 34.

For Osaka, I have ticket number 11



That means I will be the eleventh person to enter the venue. It's going to put me front row. OHAI JON!!!!! *waves*

I also applied for MOON SAGA tickets via DEARS.

I desperately wanted an SS ticket and had no idea what the demand was going to be like, so I applied for SS tickets to eight of the Tokyo shows.

I got seven of them! I was good though, and only actually bought two of them.

I'll be at the very first show and one towards the end of the Tokyo run.

The first show is a matinee, 13:00 start performance, so you can expect an English language review of MOON SAGA well before the day is out XD Now, I need to hardcore study Japanese so I can understand it properly. I get the impression that the basic story of this will not be as straight forward as the basic story of Nemuri Kyoshiro was :-/

I hope it's as pretty....

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I'll be taking orders for the 2012 GACKT Diary. Full details of the gorgeousness can be found here -

That store only ships within Japan, but I'm willing to buy the diaries and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Price, payment and other details )

pyroyale: (Default) is possible guys XD

Bunraku is available via iTunes, but only in the US store. To access the US store, you need a US iTunes account with a US method of funding - either a credit card or US registered PayPal.

BUT, there is a third way.

You can also use American, pre-paid iTunes cards as a method of payment.

So, if you can buy an American iTunes card and get the code from it, you can open an American account.

If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a friend in America who will buy a card and send you the code, it's relatively easy. If not, you need to buy them online via a site such as this one. I've never used that site personally, but I have a friend who has bought Xbox live codes from them via eBay, and he swears that they are reliable and that the code will be with you in an hour or two. It's all PayPal anyway, so you're covered.

Once you have the code, you can register a new American iTunes account. When it asks you for a funding method, either don't check any of the credit card options at all, or check "none" if it is there. Instead, redeem the code on the iTunes card.

You do need to enter a US address, but they don't check legal records so any address will do. I live at a Walmart store, haha.

Ta-da! You have credit on an American iTunes account and can now download and rent Bunraku, in a way that is roughly 95% legal XDDD

*checks HD download...*

Another hour to go...

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This is a long weekend due to Monday being 海の日 (Marine Day).

I have to go to work on Tuesday, although I don't have any work to do.

And then, I'm on my summer holiday for six, glorious weeks!


Plans for the holiday are to head up to Tokyo for a few days as my friend is coming from England and I'll get to be his tour guide.

Then, from Tokyo it's on a plane to Berlin to meet up with [ profile] aku_rin for our great two week trek around Europe together to see YFC (RUSSIAN VISA GET!)

I get back to Japan on August 15th.

Planning on heading up to Joetsu on August 20th/21st for the Kenshin Kousai (pretty samurai charging around on a white horse = WANT).

School is due to start on September 1st.

And SOMEWHERE, amongst all of that, I'll will be moving 550KM to Chiba. I still have no date at all as to when that is going to happen. Gah.

Today, I booked tickets to the L'Arc~en~Ciel cafe - L'Arcafe - for me and my friend when we're in Tokyo. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! Look at the cup you get! And the goods! I want a mug or seven. They'd look good in my new apartment next to my Nemuri mug, hahaha.

There's exhibits of the band's costumes and it's going to be awesome. My friend, however, doesn't know the first thing about ANY Japanese music so he's going to be completely bemused by it, haha. He'll enjoy the food though.

I don't plan on doing much before heading to Tokyo on the 27th. We're trying to organise a trip to see Harry Potter, as when the nearest cinema is a two hour drive away, it needs a lot of organisation! But, other than that, I plan to sleep and save money.


May. 27th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Going to Tokyo tonight to see L'Arc~en~ciel tomorrow. SOOO EXCITED. They're one of the few bands left on my "must see" list.

It's going to be a cheap weekend... because the summer is going to be VERY expensive.

Good luck to everyone who is after GACKT European tour tickets today. I'm planning on going to Berlin, Budapest and Moscow (grrrrr... I don't want to talk about Moscow right now) with [ profile] aku_rin and as Budapest went on sale early, I know we already have those tickets.

Hopefully, we'll get the others too!

Back Monday, although I suspect I'll check in before then as I can leech [ profile] shinimegami21's wifi on Sunday XD


Apr. 11th, 2011 12:12 am
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No more ranting from me today because I have some cute to share.

[ profile] shinimegami and her wonderful Zero, Gakupo and Grell dolls pointed me in the direction of this website, ran by some amazing talented people who make things for people. Their UFO catchers (plush dolls) are stunning and they have a huge range of Jrock dolls.

I ordered a Nemuri Kyoshiro as a Christmas present for myself with some of the monies I'd been sent as presents by people back home.

He finally arrived today (and got me out of bed >_<)


He's perfect.

His hair is perfect, his obi sparkles just as it should, he has the little Nemuri logos on his kimono and he's commando under there


I should probably be too old for this, but I don't care *cuddles Kyoshiro*
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Before I get drilled with PMs (heh) I just want everyone to know that tomorrow, I'm flying back to England due to a family emergency.

When I'm back in England and know a little more about the situation there, I'll see if I can put in orders for the new Nemuri Kyoshiro goods. I want that postcard set myself!

I'll make another entry when I know more so if you want to check back/friend me to catch that entry then that's fine.



Feb. 5th, 2011 11:07 pm
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I was going to be sharing scans of all the YFC DVDs today but as my internet connection and LJ scrapbook don't want to play nice, they'll have to wait for another day.

Instead, I'm going to fangirl over the delivery I had today.


Ooh... two?

Pictures under the cut )
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Ohhh.... damn you GACKT for ruining my budget for yet ANOTHER month.

Not only is there the Europe DVD and CD, but you've added the snow festival goods to the Camui G store.


Guess I'll be putting an order in there soon... I want those post cards!

(I haven't forgotten about the Nemuri order either. Expect that tomorrow or Thursday)

Bed time now!


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