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Yesterday, the Camui Gakuen phone game went live in Japan. Seito Kaicho finally updated his blog in order to publicise it (poor thing, his foreign studies must be keeping him very busy) and invited everyone to enrol in the “sexy” campus of Camui Gakuen.

Is it sexy?

Let’s see...

(Lots of photos ahead - click them for the large versions!)

Camui Gakuen, yokoso! )
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I wrote an entry last week about how the second year students in one of my high schools (Katsuyama) wanted to talk about GACKT in their English lessons with me

I joked that I was going to base the English syllabus around GACKT.

I was at a different high school today, Ochiai, and it was my second lesson with the first years and also my second batch of lessons with my new Japanese colleague, Matsumura (please call me Masa) sensei.

The first lesson last week was my self introduction. GACKT got a whole slide to himself.

This week, Matsumura-sensei Masa, decided he wanted to teach the students the sentence patterns:
I feel happy when I ____________________
She feels sad when she ______________________
I felt happy when I _________________

Because he's very hands on and remarkably well organised (why can't all teachers be like him? He plans activities TO THE SECOND and makes sure that they work like that) he prepared the worksheet for the class.

He wrote some examples:


(And I haven't, it was just an example he wrote)

I've only worked with Matsumura-sensei Masa for a week and he knows me so well already. He was telling me, on the way to class, that he used to listen to MALICE MIZER when he was in Junior High School. There's a surprising number of men in their late 20s who used to listen to MALICE MIZER, I've discovered.

That means that now, after two weeks of being back at school, GACKT has been mentioned in every single lesson I've taught. And, as next week will be just more self introductions and this lesson again, he's going to make it to every single lesson in three weeks

I feel like I'm being stalked.

[As an aside, letting the students know that I fangirl for GACKT is actually a good tactic. They all have their own little thing that they love, be it a band, manga or character, and it puts me on their level and makes them more open to me. It's strange, but it works and it works well.]

I have to work tomorrow :-( I don't actually have anything to do, but I have to go anyway. Sucks.
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I had no lessons today (again... grrr) but one of the teachers I work with asked my second year classes what they want to talk about in their lessons with me this year. I taught them last year so they know me pretty well by now.

Their answer?

They want to talk about GACKT.


Let's just plan the entire English syllabus this year about GACKT. We can learn all sorts of new vocabulary (tits, sweetie, guaranty, (ir)replaceable, batshit crazy), sing lots of English songs (feel the fiyaaah) and watch movies ("it's a fucking famous ninja's name in Japan!")

I could do a whole lesson on teaching the names of different body parts, complete with lots of photos as reference material...


(Heh, I have these kids well trained, don't I??)


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