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No official snow day today but due to how bad the little roads around my house are, I've given myself a snow day.

I tried - I dug my car out and even drove it but after it refused to stop when I asked it to and started to drift into what could have been oncoming traffic I gave up.

I felt a little guilty about flaking out of work but felt slightly better when a DHL delivery van had similar trouble and got stuck trying to turn around at the end of my street.

Although I must admit that I did feel bad for the driver because the reason he was driving down my street was to deliver these -

Girugamesh's artwork is awful isn't it? I have the limited edition version with the DVD but I have no clue what's on it, other than a couple of PVs.

The Gackt single is a nice package though. 3 discs (1CD + 2DVD) and has a nice little booklet with interviews with Gackt and Masahiro and with Gackt alone. There's also some nice behind the scenes shots from the PV shoot but I'm not going to scan it. It's a lot like the DIABOLOS booklet where the pages are so bloody stuck together that the only way to get a good quality scan would be to risk tearing it apart.

The Journey Through the Decade and The Next Decade PVs are included and there are SIX, yes SIX different versions of the Stay the Ride Alive PV.

My favourite by far is the Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version GACKT angle one.

It's just Gackt.

No cuts to the hobo orchestra (who get their own version of the PV).

No cuts to Masahiro (who also gets his own version).

Just Gackt.


And other than one single cut and change of shot about 20 seconds in it's all shot with ONE camera, no cuts. It's very, very well shot really as it's all filmed by the crane camera so there are lots of sweeping shots over the scene which flow into close ups and then sweep out again.

The Behind the Scenes clip is pretty fun too, mainly because of the usual stunt bike riding.

I think I'll listen to Girugamesh now.

Day off work tomorrow. I was planning on shopping but now, I think I'm just going to stay in the warm!


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