May. 8th, 2011

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This is for [ profile] aku_rin because she's been poking me on Twitter to post about it.

I had a dream, a couple of nights ago.

I dreamt that me and [ profile] aku_rin went to a YFC concert together. The concert was, for some odd reason, in the assembly and exam hall of my high school. Quite why there would be a YFC show in a high school in the middle of England is something I still haven't figured out...

It was a standing show and we were right at the front, in front of Chacha, but there was no barrier between the crowd and the stage. And, there was no pushing. Seriously. It was as if each ticket entitled you to a little bit of space and everybody stayed in their areas. We had lots of room, nobody was trying to move us and we were happily standing two feet away from the stage. Despite the lack of barrier.

Just to make the crowd situation even stranger, at one point I decided to go for a walk (I don't know why!) and walked around the crowd and when I came back, my space was still there.

It was the calmest concert I've ever been to, let alone the calmest YFC show. I'm used to fighting for my life at those things and getting bruised in the process, however, this dream live was really nice!

Towards the end of the show, GACKT comes off stage and starts walking around the crowd as he's singing. I'm pretty sure the song was 君のためにできること (can't see them ever playing that at a YFC show...). GACKT is basically serenading every woman on the end of the rows and generally being a huge flirt with everyone (now that I can understand) and when he gets to me, the last woman left, he strokes my face (*swoon*), twirls on the spot like a ballet dancer and then gets back on stage.

And that was it. I don't remember anything else from the concert but I'm sure it was awesome.

Now I'm back at work properly (apart from Monday... they owe me a day for the Saturday I worked a couple of weeks ago) I doubt I'll remember any more dreams. Shame.

As so many people are talking about how great it is, I'm in the middle of downloading Game of Thrones. I hope it's good! I'm not watching much TV at the moment other than Doctor Who (nope... still no idea what is happening) and I do miss good shows. There hasn't been anything new that has grabbed me in years and all of my old favourites have all been cancelled or have run their course. I still have hope that Jack Bauer will rise to save the day again at some point, even if it is in only in movie form.


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