Jun. 10th, 2011

pyroyale: (Gackt - YFC)
Quick thought (because I really don't want to get too in-depth on this topic)...

YFC has a second vocalist. GACKT, is recording songs. From his tweets, it sounds like he's recording more than one or two new songs.

So, who's to say that Jon is actually going to sing a note of the "GACKT songs"?? (Well, maybe backing vocals like Chacha and the pre-recorded vocals)

Presumably, the reason why GACKT is recording so many new YFC songs, is to further push that YFC is separate. Which means, he's going to be recording songs for the new line up... probably songs written for two vocalists? That could be a whole new avenue of song writing for GACKT to progress down. Who knows what he could come up with?

No wonder he's booked bigger venues in Europe this year, though. Seven members on those smaller stages would be a car crash waiting to happen. There'd be guitars clashing everywhere!

(For the record, I'm not overly enthusiastic about a second vocalist either, the first thing that drew me to GACKT was his voice and I want to hear that as much as possible, but I'm willing to give this a chance. I'm willing to trust GACKT on this because usually, no matter how batshit insane his ideas are, they usually work out. But, if Jon sings a note of FLOWER (if they do it) then me and GACKT are going to have words XD)

I'm spending a lot of money to fly to Europe and then to travel from Germany, to Hungary and Russia. I don't regret it because I know that when I'm in that hall, and YFC are on stage, GACKT in the centre and YOU and Chacha either side, I'm really not going to care. GACKT will make damn sure that nobody cares.

I am disappointed, however, that apart from a couple of logos, the YFC outfits are the same. I was really, REALLY hoping for a military theme. Stripping squaddies *sigh*


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