Jun. 24th, 2011

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I officially accepted the position in Chiba a couple of days ago.

I had been worried about living costs there, but after the manager of the Chiba branch gave me some information on apartment costs and I did some research myself, I wasn’t as worried! I’ll probably be living in a Leo Palace apartment (a company that specialises in apartments for foreigners that are easy to move into but tiny), but that has its advantages. Less money needed upfront and they usually come with a ready internet connection, so no six week wait like I’d have with a private apartment.

He will be contacting my current branch to tell them and the scheduler in Chiba should be getting back to me with a more firm idea of possible locations later.

So, er, YAY!

I was at my main school on Monday, and Matsumura-sensei started asking me all of these questions about exactly where I lived right now, what type of housing I lived in, how much rent I paid... looks like he's going to have at least partial responsibility in finding suitable housing for the new teacher and was asking me for help.

I didn't know whether to be helpful (it isn't his fault the contract was lost and it isn't the new person's fault either) or be offended and angry (maaan, you take my job from me and expect me to help?). The good Samaritan in me won out and I helped.

The company are coming to observe one of my lessons tomorrow. Joy.


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