Nov. 6th, 2011

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Tonight was the first of two days in Makuhari Messe for YFC. Tomorrow will be recorded for WOWOW, but tonight was just for fun.

Tonight was also one of the additional lives that were only announced a couple of months ago. Like most of these other new dates, it didn’t sell too well. Most of the stands were covered as the seats weren’t sold, and the standing areas had lots of space. Shame, because people missed a great show.

Tomorrow, is sold out though.

The sound in Makuhari was really good. The vocals were loud and strong and both GACKT and JON sounded great. LAST KISS is still muddled and hard to hear the vocals, but the other songs were all loud and clearer than normal. That’s a good sign for the recording tomorrow!

Makurhai Messe is an arena. It’s a small arena, probably just under half the size of Saitama Super Arena (the venue for the RRII Final), but it’s the largest venue YFC have headlined and had by far the largest stage. For the first few songs, SPEED MASTER especially, it seemed that the guitarists were struggling with the extra space! There were four little sections at the front of the stage made by the lights, and it was so that a guitarist (and bass player!) could take each section and cover the stage. It seemed that there were a few occasions where guitarists had to run at full speed to be at the right place at the right time! It was the band who covered the stage more so than GACKT and JON, leading to a more balanced full band experience.

I think that of all the guitarists, it was actually YOU who took advantage of this the most. He seemed to be everywhere and was pretty wild. After the group jump at the end of EVER, he was even on his knees, leaning back and playing guitar like a proper wild rockstar XD

The jets of air during SPEED MASTER are more timed and in sync with the music, and are also present during Episode.0. Instead of all shooting at once, they shoot individually or in pairs and it looks really well presented. We heard Episode.0 being sound checked twice before the show started, and I guess it was due to checking out the timings of these.

Now onto the fanservice…

No biting or licking this time. There were a lot of instances of GACKT grabbing JON’s crotch. He always does during VANILLA, but he lingered this time. When JON was singing a later part of VANILLA, he had his own hand on his crotch, GACKT walked behind him to go past, but instead stopped, reached between JON’s legs (from behind) and grabbed him too. During the audience participation part after VANILLA finished, JON was trying to work his half of the crowd by thrusting in GACKT’s direction, so GACKT tapped him between the legs with his microphone.

Poor JON. He really got abused (more later).

After VANILLA, they got into their usual position of JON thrusting into GACKT from behind. JON had his left hand (closest to the audience) on GACKT’s hip, and was fake slapping GACKT’s ass with his right to the beat of Shinya’s drum. As he was doing all of this, GACKT started leaning more and more forward… until he was bent right over and had to balance himself by putting his hand on the platform floor.

I never, ever expected to see GACKT being “fucked” from behind, doggy style by another man.

I never, ever expected to type that sentence either :-/

The hip thrusting and stripper moves from GACKT and JON get crazier and crazier every show. And funnier. I don't know if the intention is still sexy, or sexy and funny, but it's hilarious. Especially GACKT. For a musician who is a pretty good drummer, he has no natural rhythm at all, does he?

The front row was miles away from the stage, and it meant that neither GACKT nor JON managed to make the crowd with their ties, although they managed it with their shirts. YOU made a big show of throwing a pick to the crowd, he faked it out a few times, he wound up his throwing arm…. and then completely missed too. There were big gaps between the blocks as well, and two bottles (u:zo and GACKT) both fell into this gap and had to be rescued by staff. GACKT just laughed when he saw it fall there and the disappointment in the crowd’s faces.

For 又、ここに会いましょ, both GACKT and JON jumped down from the stage and climbed the barricades. They were pretty much standing ON the barricades, with several staff members behind them, both supporting them and stopping them from being dragged in. They were successful at keeping JON out, but GACKT seemed to disappear at one point. I was on JON’s half, not too far away, but in the wrong block to touch him. As he was stood on the barricade, I could see one hand, with a red sleeve, constantly petting and stroking his crotch. He didn’t even seem to notice! He was looking through the crowd and saw me again, smiled and then sang a line at me. ILU JON.

There were two little inlets into the main block in front of the crowd, so GACKT and JON were able to go right inside. There were little platforms too, so they could still be seen over the crowd. They finished the song there.

GACKT was very bouncy throughout the show, and seemed far stronger at the end than I’ve seen at any of the YFC lives. He wasn’t staggering after JESUS and he didn’t need help to get off the platform or anything. It was good to see. As I said earlier, he sounded great too, as did JON.

JON did have the “punk” Mohican hairstyle he showed in the blog yesterday. GACKT is, as he said in his blog yesterday, back to being blonde. His hair was slightly spikier too. The scratch on GACKT’s arm looks really nasty, his tattoo still looks great. It really is a brown colour, not black, and it suits his skin tone very well.

All in all, good show!

The Final is tomorrow. I can't believe it's all over (maybe XD)... I've been going to YFC lives since July and I'm not ready for them to finish yet!!!


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