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Askew Magazine teamed up with D'espairsRay in order to create a special tour edition. Cover to cover D'espairsRay content featuring original photography and an in depth look behind the creation of Monsters and the "Death Point" music video. This special edition booklet is only available through the goods table on the D'espairsRay tour and will not be available online. Head out to a show!

More info and exclusive teaser photos can be seen here

I read through the D'espairsRay special edition today and can confirm that it is awesome. Anyone who is seeing D'espairsRay on tour should definitely pick up a copy.

(Well done guys! It'll be worth all of the hard work and sleepless nights when all of these magazines are finished.)
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As I've been so slack in doing any work whatsoever for Askew over the last few months I'm gonna pimp the fact that I actually *have* now done something for them.

You can read my review of the VAMPS single 'ANGEL TRIP' here @ the Askew Magazine website

Go. Read.

In fact read every article on the website - they're all good.
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I've had quite a productive day.

I posted [ profile] mjspice's prize for winning the last [ profile] gackt_army contest. Congrats again!

I've tidied up and emailed over the interview questions for a band (no names!) for a future Askew Magazine article (which is a minor fail on my behalf as I'd finished them a few days ago but forgot to mail them...)

I managed a trip to the GREATEST STORE IN THE WORLD EVER~! in town that sells sweets and candy from all over the world and am currently losing the battle against not ordering one of their random mystery boxes. Question is, do I order a mixed box or stick with a single country? And if it's a country, do I go with American sweets, Japanese sweets, Mexican sweets or Australian ones?

I'm now re-watching Torchwood : Children of Earth and it's just as harrowing second time around as it was the first time. Final episode tonight and I still don't think I'm fully over the death of Ianto and I'm pretty certain that I still haven't forgiven Jack.

And I see that Orlando Jordan was accompanied to the ring on TNA by both a female and a male valet. It's a brave step for TNA to book that but I'd be very surprised if they use Jordan's bisexuality as anything other than a cheap heat generator. It's probably the only way Jordan would be able to get a reaction...
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My Miyavi review is up over @ Askew Magazine

Go! Read! Let's see if it can attract as much traffic as the GACKT RRII Review did!

And download the September 09 issue of the magazine too. It's awesome. Especially the interview with Satsuki (ex-Rentrer en soi) - whoever did that deserves to be worshipped... XD



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