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In further evidence that everything in the South of Japan is running so smoothly that it's as if the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear problems have never happened, I had a delivery of GACKT goodies today (the notice on the G&D site of delays to deliveries that I hadn't even noticed obviously doesn't apply down here)


None of it is mine other than one postcard set :-(

So, apart from one little Camui G order, the YFC Europe DVDs and any DARTS orders (they work in their own little world) everything that has been ordered has been received. Some of it has already shipped and the rest will be shipped over the next few days.

It's going to take more than an afternoon to work through that lot :-/

*stares at the pretty some more*
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Today saw the release of the Nemuri Kyoshiro Limited Photo Box and I received mine a couple of hours ago.

Click the cut for photos of what is inside (FYI - you may need tissues to stem the nosebleeds. Anyone on my Twitter list knows what I'm talking about!)

Obviously, spoilers abound for the photo albums!

Why so freaking gorgeous? )

This is such a stunning set of photos. I hope someone is able to scan it but whoever attempts it will have to be insane. It's far too beautiful for me to even consider putting it near a scanner!
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I'm about to leave for Tokyo in under two hours but I just had a visit from Santa (aka the postman) with some goodies and I feel like I have to share...

Why yes, that is 17 GACKT 2011 Diaries (plus a bonus postcard each) and three Platinum Box XIs (plus a DEARS gift bag each).


But, I don't have time to watch the Platinum Box before leaving. This is torture. I'm gonna see if I can copy it and I'll take the copy with me to watch at some point.

After I leave, I won't be back home until January 8th and I can't wait that long!

Oh, I got these through the post earlier today too!



EDIT - AHHHHHHHHHHH the card game included in the Platinum Box has instructions in Japanese, Korean, Chinese AND ENGLISH. THANK YOU GACKT!!
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Here are photos of some of the non-Tour goods goodies I managed to claim at Gakuensai.

Each staff member that was checking the IDs had a different chibi stamp that they would use to authenticate your ticket and confirm you'd been through the ID checks. These are the two I picked up -

I also saw a DIABOLOS cornrow stamp and a NEKO. I WANT A NEKO STAMP IN CHIBA.

(And yes, that is what a front row ticket looks like. It should have sparkles really shouldn't it?)

I ordered the YFC Bikini Live DVD at the show and was given the special gift - a YFC crew tour pass.


Of course... there's Junji's tie ^_^


If you bought any Wonda brand drinks from the Tamaly Bar, you were given a free Gacksei Shock-Dou sticker (the spelling errors are GACKT's and are no doubt intentional)

I like free things )

I still have one of the Camui Gold notes so here's a better look at the 500CG one.

GACKT doesn't need his own money. HE HAS ENOUGH OF OURS )

And of course, you have to have a student ID right?

I can't see how anyone will be a second year student anytime soon )

I love GACKT gigs. You always come back with so much good stuff!
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After spending Saturday in the 36/37 degree heat that was Osaka, and Sunday in the heat of Tokyo that was probably only a couple of degrees cooler, I got back to Okayama today... and ran right into a thunderstorm.

I drove the forty minutes back from the train station and despite having my windscreen wipers on the super duper high speed setting, I still couldn't see a damn thing.

By the time I got home though, fortunately I'd got through the worst of the thunderstorm and it was just drizzle.

Welcome home huh?

I did have nice surprise waiting for me when I got home as I found these lovelies in my letterbox thanks to [ profile] lefcadio

Kenshin goodies!

More Kenshin goodness )

Thanks so much for getting them for me [ profile] lefcadio ! It made coming home and starting back in the boring, normal life of work a little bit more tolerable after such an awesome GACKT filled summer.

I just have to keep on reminding myself now that I have Nemuri to look forward to in October and the Gazette in November. That should be keep me going through these non-YFC filled days. Maybe I can actually save some money over the next couple of months too....

And a big thanks to [ profile] shinimegami21 for letting me crash at her place on Sunday night after the Bikini live. I actually had a really good night's sleep, far better than I usually get in hotels and for a far better price XD If you ever fancy a trip to nowhere, I'll be more than happy to return the favour someday!
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I finally pimped out my iPhone slightly.

Problem now is that I am officially more worried about breaking my iPhone case than I am about breaking my iPhone.

I find it highly amusing that Japanese online stores that refuse to ship to foreign addresses will still quite happily take payment from foreign cards. Even cards that are still registered at the same foreign addresses they refuse to ship to.

I found out today that it's highly illegal to make any kind of copies of British bank notes. This includes crappy black and white photocopies that can be used during role plays in classrooms. In fact it's so illegal it's impossible to even find a decent image of a current British bank note that is good enough to use.

So instead, I'm using US dollars. If any of the kids ask me about the stories behind the notes and coins I'm going to be just as clueless as they are :-(
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No official snow day today but due to how bad the little roads around my house are, I've given myself a snow day.

I tried - I dug my car out and even drove it but after it refused to stop when I asked it to and started to drift into what could have been oncoming traffic I gave up.

I felt a little guilty about flaking out of work but felt slightly better when a DHL delivery van had similar trouble and got stuck trying to turn around at the end of my street.

Although I must admit that I did feel bad for the driver because the reason he was driving down my street was to deliver these -

Girugamesh's artwork is awful isn't it? I have the limited edition version with the DVD but I have no clue what's on it, other than a couple of PVs.

The Gackt single is a nice package though. 3 discs (1CD + 2DVD) and has a nice little booklet with interviews with Gackt and Masahiro and with Gackt alone. There's also some nice behind the scenes shots from the PV shoot but I'm not going to scan it. It's a lot like the DIABOLOS booklet where the pages are so bloody stuck together that the only way to get a good quality scan would be to risk tearing it apart.

The Journey Through the Decade and The Next Decade PVs are included and there are SIX, yes SIX different versions of the Stay the Ride Alive PV.

My favourite by far is the Stay the Ride Alive multi angle version GACKT angle one.

It's just Gackt.

No cuts to the hobo orchestra (who get their own version of the PV).

No cuts to Masahiro (who also gets his own version).

Just Gackt.


And other than one single cut and change of shot about 20 seconds in it's all shot with ONE camera, no cuts. It's very, very well shot really as it's all filmed by the crane camera so there are lots of sweeping shots over the scene which flow into close ups and then sweep out again.

The Behind the Scenes clip is pretty fun too, mainly because of the usual stunt bike riding.

I think I'll listen to Girugamesh now.

Day off work tomorrow. I was planning on shopping but now, I think I'm just going to stay in the warm!
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I received a bumper parcel of goodies today!

So we have-
RE:BORN (Dears Version)
雪月花 -The end of silence- (Dears Version)
Platinum Box I (DVD Reissue)
Platinum Box II (DVD Reissue)
Birthday card
Gakuen bromide photo card thingys x 8
Gakuen chibi keyrings x 3

..and a hole in the bank account.

This afternoon will be spent trying to scan RE:BORN without ruining it. There are a few extra pages that I definitely want to try and get such as the interview and the uniform explanations.

If, at the end of the month, I complain about not being able to afford my car insurance kindly direct me to this entry as it'll explain exactly why I can't afford it.

And in other news, my former University are the most disorganised, infuriating and shitty organisation I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

I requested a letter of confirmation detailing dates of attendance, degree awarded etc two weeks ago. I chased it with them last Tuesday and was told that they would do it immediately, take the payment from my card and post it out right away.

I tried to call them all day Friday to chase it as I hadn't received the letter and they hadn't taken the payment. I called them ELEVEN times and nobody answered. I finally got through today to be told that they were still waiting for the cashier to process the payment.


End result is that the letter is going out this afternoon and they'll charge me for it when they get around to it. Part of me thinks I should cancel the card but the other part of me remembers that they know where I live..

And the TLC PPV. Huh? (No spoilers) There was a stunned silence in the room after one of the matches. I don't think I need to say which one!
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[ profile] angstbunny, I saw these TNA spoilers and thought of you.

Spoilers for this week's Impact involving AJ and Daniels )

Ah, two more packages arrived today.

The chibi keyring courtesy of [ profile] subtlepresence *hugs*

The iPhone courtesy of O2.

I really didn't want an iPhone. I left work early last week so that I could go to the phone store and try a few out before I upgraded online (better deals) and I tried several, all of which were just iPhone copycats. The contract is £10 cheaper per month than my old phone for the same deal (makes no sense to me either) so I decided that it was the best option.

Of course Apple have done their usual trick of including virtually no instructions. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to put my sim card in and 45 minutes to get around Apple's instance that the only custom ringtones you can have are ones you either purchase or make yourself. And then purchase.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any place for a phone charm so the soldier who has been bravely guarding my phone since July has now finished his tour of service and earned his full discharge, with honours. Or in other words, Zero has been put back in his packaging, luckily none the worse for living in the bottom of my bag for several months.

I've looked into recycling my old phone via one of those phone recycling websites and they're offering me £84 for it, something I'm pretty impressed with so I'll be taking them up on that offer shortly I think.

I'm working a late shift tomorrow so I plan on hiding out, possibly building a fort under my desk as I seem to have accumulated a lot of pillows from random people, while playing with my new toy.


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