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Santa came a day early!

First, came this...

When I went to the GACKT x KIMONO exhibit a couple of months ago, I was told that they would send another cloth through the post and it finally came today.

YFCz x KIMONO. Gorgeous, huh? Again, GACKT's kanji signature...

And then...

22 diaries (plus postcard each) and 3 x Platinum Box XII.

More photos from inside - spoilers! Haven't watched the Platinum Box yet though! )
I know what I'm watching this evening XD

Have a great Christmas everyone!
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Yesterday, the Camui Gakuen phone game went live in Japan. Seito Kaicho finally updated his blog in order to publicise it (poor thing, his foreign studies must be keeping him very busy) and invited everyone to enrol in the “sexy” campus of Camui Gakuen.

Is it sexy?

Let’s see...

(Lots of photos ahead - click them for the large versions!)

Camui Gakuen, yokoso! )
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I went to the GACKT x KIMONO Exhibit today. I had nothing planned and it was free, so I thought why not?

You have to book in advance and they send you this great little invitation through. They only allow about ten people to attend in each time slot because the venue isn't that big, and the staff like to be very attentive to you!

The map on the back of the invitation sucked, but I was lucky enough to come across two DEARS, a mother and her daughter, also trying to find the venue. When they failed and had to ask someone, I felt much better about my own failure!

I knew we had the right place when we saw this in the lobby of the building (and the sign outside with the name of the building on was a big hint too XD)

(Click photos for full versions!)

More info and awesome free gifts! )
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Came home today to a really pretty envelope...

That logo in the bottom right corner looks familiar... reminds me of a samurai...

Nemuri mail? )
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I went to the V-ROCK festival today. I had to get up stupidly early to get to Saitama before the doors opened at 9:30am, but YFC (and especially JON XD) made it worth the early rise.

More photos at the V-ROCK site

Set list and info )


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:32 pm
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I squeed about this on Twitter, but never posted on here because it all happened when I was away in Osaka.

fade are touring Japan in December and doing three shows. I applied for tickets to two shows, Tokyo and Osaka, and got them both.

I paid for the tickets while I was in Osaka, and they were given to me then.

For Shibuya, I have ticket number 34.

For Osaka, I have ticket number 11



That means I will be the eleventh person to enter the venue. It's going to put me front row. OHAI JON!!!!! *waves*

I also applied for MOON SAGA tickets via DEARS.

I desperately wanted an SS ticket and had no idea what the demand was going to be like, so I applied for SS tickets to eight of the Tokyo shows.

I got seven of them! I was good though, and only actually bought two of them.

I'll be at the very first show and one towards the end of the Tokyo run.

The first show is a matinee, 13:00 start performance, so you can expect an English language review of MOON SAGA well before the day is out XD Now, I need to hardcore study Japanese so I can understand it properly. I get the impression that the basic story of this will not be as straight forward as the basic story of Nemuri Kyoshiro was :-/

I hope it's as pretty....

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For several hours this afternoon, a few of us on Twitter were spamming and discussing some TV performances of GACKT's (okay, it was mainly me spamming, but I didn't see any complaints!) and a couple of videos posted were from GACKT's appearance on Yume Ongakukan, on 2005.02.24.

[ profile] mind_cell asked for downloads, so I thought I may as well share with everyone.

All three are stunning performances, especially 君に逢いたくて.

12月のLove Song, 君に逢いたくて (acoustic) and Love Letter )
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[Half naked, sweaty GACKT walking down a corridor is not a spoiler, it's expected]

I had a couple of requests for these yesterday, so I thought I'd oblige.

Under the cut are some of my favourite screencaps and also a download link for a total of 975 caps.

Of course, there are spoilers here so don't click or download unless you want to be spoiled! I won't say too much about the DVD though, as I hope everyone can watch it and form their own opinions.

These caps are from the DEARS version. I have the regular version but haven't watched it yet so I don't know how it differs. IIRC, it's just the live footage has different angles.

Note - I'm not going to upload the DVD so please don't ask. If you want to see it, buy it. I won't scan the DEARS only cards either.

Photo heavy! )
Enjoy and BUY


Apr. 11th, 2011 12:12 am
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No more ranting from me today because I have some cute to share.

[ profile] shinimegami and her wonderful Zero, Gakupo and Grell dolls pointed me in the direction of this website, ran by some amazing talented people who make things for people. Their UFO catchers (plush dolls) are stunning and they have a huge range of Jrock dolls.

I ordered a Nemuri Kyoshiro as a Christmas present for myself with some of the monies I'd been sent as presents by people back home.

He finally arrived today (and got me out of bed >_<)


He's perfect.

His hair is perfect, his obi sparkles just as it should, he has the little Nemuri logos on his kimono and he's commando under there


I should probably be too old for this, but I don't care *cuddles Kyoshiro*
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I might do a proper earthquake post later as I have a couple of photos of things that will show how it was in Tokyo, but I thought I'd do a nice, light hearted post first.

Yesterday, I went to the Square Enix store in Shinjuku (ish)


(Click all photos for full size)

There's something under here for GACKT fans too ^_^ )


Feb. 5th, 2011 11:07 pm
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I was going to be sharing scans of all the YFC DVDs today but as my internet connection and LJ scrapbook don't want to play nice, they'll have to wait for another day.

Instead, I'm going to fangirl over the delivery I had today.


Ooh... two?

Pictures under the cut )
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Today saw the release of the Nemuri Kyoshiro Limited Photo Box and I received mine a couple of hours ago.

Click the cut for photos of what is inside (FYI - you may need tissues to stem the nosebleeds. Anyone on my Twitter list knows what I'm talking about!)

Obviously, spoilers abound for the photo albums!

Why so freaking gorgeous? )

This is such a stunning set of photos. I hope someone is able to scan it but whoever attempts it will have to be insane. It's far too beautiful for me to even consider putting it near a scanner!
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I was able to see the last performance of Nemuri Kyoshiro in Hiroshima on Saturday evening. It was my second time as I also saw it in Osaka in October.

I’ve split this report into two – the first is the play synopsis which will be a straight forward description of the plot, and the second is the more personal perspective with the little nuances I picked up on, the fun parts and the things that went wrong XD

Spoilers abound in the synopsis but I’ll try to keep them out of the fun part as much as possible!

The Story )

The fun stuff! )

This has to be filmed for a DVD at some point. Whether it’s kept in tact as a stage play, or filmed on location, I think it deserves to recorded and seen by a wider audience. GACKT is perfectly believable as the cold and slightly detached Kyoshiro and although being serene, silent and strong isn’t really stretching his acting abilities too much, that can be forgiven due to how epic the fight scenes are.

Now, I want to go to Tokyo… I won’t though. Nope.

(And congrats to anyone who made it through all of that without falling asleep! I have a tl;dr tag for a reason!)
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I'm about to leave for Tokyo in under two hours but I just had a visit from Santa (aka the postman) with some goodies and I feel like I have to share...

Why yes, that is 17 GACKT 2011 Diaries (plus a bonus postcard each) and three Platinum Box XIs (plus a DEARS gift bag each).


But, I don't have time to watch the Platinum Box before leaving. This is torture. I'm gonna see if I can copy it and I'll take the copy with me to watch at some point.

After I leave, I won't be back home until January 8th and I can't wait that long!

Oh, I got these through the post earlier today too!



EDIT - AHHHHHHHHHHH the card game included in the Platinum Box has instructions in Japanese, Korean, Chinese AND ENGLISH. THANK YOU GACKT!!
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I was lucky enough to get tickets (along with [ profile] lefcadio ) to both of the Camui Gakuen Kobe shows on Saturday and Sunday.

This is mainly a report of Sunday night as being FRONT FREAKING ROW means I have a lot more to say about that one. If there are differences between the two nights though, I’ll make sure to mention them!

This is long so you may want to get a drink and make sure you're seated comfortably!

Before the show - molesting cardboard cut outs, ID checks and goods )

The first half - speeches, a play and some dancing )

Interval - speaking with staff members and being served pudding by a familiar face )

Finally! The live )

I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoyed the Sunday night show. To be front row for a show that is just so much fun and madness was an amazing experience. I really hope that GACKT is able to work some copyright magic and releases a DVD of this tour because everyone should see it. Or at least, the dance battle should surface somewhere. I’ve come out of these two shows absolutely in love with Junji (and not just because we caught his tie!). He was so much fun throughout.

I’ll be going to the shows in Chiba next Saturday and Sunday and although the tickets aren’t as good, although that would be pretty impossible, it’s still going to be amazing.

And after DEARS gave me those tickets, I don’t think I’m ever going to complain about them ever again. Or at least not for a couple of weeks XD

Note - I seem to have been drilled with a stupid number of PMs while I was away at the weekend. I haven't had time to really tackle them yet so if you haven't heard back it's just because I've been busy.


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