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Bunraku is available via iTunes, but only in the US store. To access the US store, you need a US iTunes account with a US method of funding - either a credit card or US registered PayPal.

BUT, there is a third way.

You can also use American, pre-paid iTunes cards as a method of payment.

So, if you can buy an American iTunes card and get the code from it, you can open an American account.

If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a friend in America who will buy a card and send you the code, it's relatively easy. If not, you need to buy them online via a site such as this one. I've never used that site personally, but I have a friend who has bought Xbox live codes from them via eBay, and he swears that they are reliable and that the code will be with you in an hour or two. It's all PayPal anyway, so you're covered.

Once you have the code, you can register a new American iTunes account. When it asks you for a funding method, either don't check any of the credit card options at all, or check "none" if it is there. Instead, redeem the code on the iTunes card.

You do need to enter a US address, but they don't check legal records so any address will do. I live at a Walmart store, haha.

Ta-da! You have credit on an American iTunes account and can now download and rent Bunraku, in a way that is roughly 95% legal XDDD

*checks HD download...*

Another hour to go...

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Seriously, did somebody, somewhere hit the fast forward button on his life and give him an extra 10 years?

Maaaaaaaaan, that makes him 25 when he filmed Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and 27 for Bogus Journey.

My mind is blown.
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I was speaking with my Mother earlier and she told me that her next door neighbour is having an Ann Summers Party at the end of the month. She then asked me if I wanted to go.

Yes Mom. I'd love to go to a party where people pass around sex toys and test vibrators on their noses with you. It's the one thing I'd love to do more than anything and ranks just above poking my own eyes out with rusty nails and feasting on what flows out of the holes.


I finished reading the four Twilight books today. I can already see the collective eye rolls at that but I think the books are an INSPIRATION. They are proof that even the cheesiest Mary Sue author over at can get a publishing deal as long as they have a basic grasp of the English language.

The books are trash. Stephanie Meyer is a hack. The whole series is a not even subtle sermon about the evils of pre-martial sex and how things are so much better if you wait and hold onto your virtue.

And I couldn't stop reading them.
Cut for spoilers and the GENIUS that is the fourth novel )

I'm so happy that they've FINALLY opened up the overtime at work. I'm in desperate need of a cash injection this Summer for... things (XD) but I was starting to think that it'd never come.


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