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This is the crazy post.

I'll leave the serious post for tomorrow when I've had more time to think about it.

I had a dream last night (always an ominous start to an LJ entry...)

I dreamt that I'd woken up and was going about my morning routine while listening to the radio. I never listen to the radio, it's always my iPod, but this morning I had a news report on.

The news report was talking about some murder that had happened and had exclusive live audio of the police raiding the home of the suspected murderer.

There were lots of noises of doors being broken down, police officers shouting and just full pandemonium breaking out as they secured the building and searched for the suspect.

Eventually things quietened down and all that could be heard was the voice of the chief police officer addressing the suspect, detailing the crime he was being accused of (all I know is that it was a murder) and reading the suspect his rights.

The suspect was GACKT.

The police chief was Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons.

I don't remember the rest of the dream in detail, but I do remember that GACKT hired Lionel Hutz as his lawyer, lost (of course) and ended up sharing a cell with Sideshow Bob.

WTF? The only episodes of the Simpsons I've seen since coming to Japan were the few I saw in England during Christmas and February. Where the hell did all of that come from?

The suspected murderer bit I can understand....


Apr. 20th, 2011 07:51 pm
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I haven't watched it all, because I think I should eat and do other things first, but I have watched some of it.



Edit - it's probably a mistranslation. The word translated as "cock" can also just refer to how hot it is so it's probably the case that the translator picked the wrong meaning.

(For those it concerns, DEARS DVDs are here. Will be shipped over the next couple of days)
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This is me right now. (Yes, I'm both of them)

In fact, this is me for the last week.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:40 am
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So, let me get this straight DEARS.

If we buy the wall calendar from, you know, the thing that has been available on pre-sale on other sites for the last several months, we have to give our DEARS numbers, can only order a maximum of three and can only order once.

If we buy the diary/desktop calendar thingy, that isn't available anywhere else, we don't need DEARS numbers, can buy as many as we like and as many times as we like.


I get that there's apparently, maybe, a poster with the wall calendar that you can't get anywhere else but really... Ugh.

(So yes... if people want the planner/desktop calendar/whatever the hell that thing is, I *may* be able to help you order one XD)

Now, I need to go pack for Osaka and NEMURI!
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Seriously, did somebody, somewhere hit the fast forward button on his life and give him an extra 10 years?

Maaaaaaaaan, that makes him 25 when he filmed Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and 27 for Bogus Journey.

My mind is blown.
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A Japanese friend of mine who attended the three layers YFC live last night just emailed me.

She confirmed that the band all wore yukata (wanna see!)

The stage set is new and extends into the audience somehow.

And.. I'm gonna directly quote her here-

"GACKT took off his luminous pink pants and threw them into the crowd"

She learned English in England and very proudly speaks Queen's English. In England pants refer to underwear...

I know I should ask her to confirm that yes, she does mean that GACKT threw his underwear into the crowd but I'm afraid of the answer!

Besides, I can completely see him doing that and enjoying seeing the riot that broke out in the crowd after.

I can't wait to see what he has planned for tonight...

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The YFC swimsuits are on sale





ETA - If you try to buy one they ask you to specify the date you want to receive it.

The earliest date is September 6th.  That's AFTER the bikini live.  


(You can buy them at the venue of course but meh, I'd want it before, just to make sure!)


Jul. 20th, 2010 09:54 pm
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I rarely post news items here but I just saw this on the BBC website.

Parasailing donkey stunt sparks police inquiry

Police in southern Russia are investigating allegations of animal cruelty after a donkey was made to parasail as part of an advertising stunt, Russian media report.

The donkey was sent up into the sky last week by entrepreneurs hoping to attract people to their private beach.

Witnesses near the beach on the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar region said the animal had been screaming in fear.

It landed in the water and was pulled onto the shore, said police.

"The donkey screamed and children cried," regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova told AFP news agency.

"No-one had the brains to call police."

Instead, bystanders took photos and phoned newspapers, she said.

"It was put up so high into the sky that the children on the beach cried and asked their parents: 'Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?'" Taman newspaper reported last week.

"The donkey landed in an atrocious manner: it was dragged several metres along the water, after which the animal was pulled out half-alive onto the shore," the paper reported.

Police began to investigate after the incident, which occurred at the coastal village of Golubitskaya, was aired on national news on Tuesday.

The businessmen responsible may face criminal charges for animal cruelty, according to news agency RIA-Novosti.

Who thought that making a donkey parasail was a good way to advertise a beach??!!

That poor animal.

The human race really makes me despair some days.

(Had a really boring day. The highlight was getting a comment approved on the new Staff Blog. It's been awesome doing nothing. Going to Okayama City tomorrow. Hoping to get my Visa sorted easily and quickly and will also be hitting Tower Records XD)
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I've bought a few things the last few days...

On the back of the Out of Music magazine is a full page advert for these beautiful necklaces...

Want to know the prices?

Even I draw the line at this + YFC on my mobile phone? )

I got my car back yesterday. The mechanics gave me these two A4 sheets of paper with photos on it, some of the damage and others of what they had to do to fix it. It was far worse than I thought. The entire front driver's wheel was damaged, they had to replace the axle things (I don't know cars, sorry!) and the wheel itself.

I still have no idea how I walked away from that crash without even a twinge in my neck.
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We just had a huge power cut. So huge it knocked the entire street out.

I was upstairs at the time and all of the candles and torches are downstairs so there I was, gingerly walking down the stairs in the pitch black, gripping onto the hand rail with all my might because I couldn't see a damn thing.

I found the cupboard that has the candles and torch and started blindly groping around for a torch but couldn't bloody find one. Just as I was about to start screaming the power came back. I'm now back upstairs with the torch only a few inches away from me.

Just in case.

In other news we have snow. Not much, just an inch or so but still it's snow.

I'm not very happy as I thought that I was breaking up from work on Wednesday until January 4th but apparently I'm not. I have to work New Year's Eve (and the 30th but I can probably get out of that one) and I am not happy about this.

And congrats to Rage Against the Machine for getting the Christmas Number 1. It's quite amazing that a little Facebook campaign can result in a single that never really got anywhere in the mainstream charts selling over 500,000 copies. In LEGAL downloads.

I'm also really shocked to hear about the apparant death of Brittany Murphy. I know that the last few years haven't been kind to her and there's been some very unkind rumours about her and her husband but 32? I loved her in Clueless.

ETA - Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes!

I've just had an email from my man in Japan to say that my Platinum Box X has arrived (wow, really early Dears!) Question is, do I ask for it to be shipped now, or wait for the Saitama DVD to be released? Ugh. Can I wait until February (or March, or April... or whenever it actually does come out)?
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I'm not going to lie and say that I was a fan, but I'm really sad to hear the news that Umaga has passed away.

36 is no age to die - not even for a professional wrestler.

It's too early to say exactly why he passed but early speculation of heart attacks and drug overdoses has him as yet another statistic and victim of professional wrestling.

And he'd be a particularly sad statistic as the rumour always was that the WWE future endeavoured him because he refused to attend rehab following a wellness test fail.

Spooky fact of the day - Eddie 'Umaga' Fatu's last match was against Ken Kennedy in Australia recently. Eddie Guerrero's last match was also against Kennedy. That's not a record anyone could possibly want.
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I took advantage of my day off and went up town today. I went in Borders and found this -

Since when has paranormal romance been a literary genre?! You can see the Romance section just behind it. There's a Sci-Fi/Horror section to the right and now we have freaking PARANORMAL ROMANCE???!!!

Okay. This shit has gone far enough now.

Dark, brooding, tortured vampires = SEXY but HORROR.

Vampires that seduce humans in order to drink their blood and each other just for fun = SEXY but HORROR.

Murderous, psychotic, blood guzzling monster vampires = HORROR (but SEXY).

Vampires that sparkle and dazzle and girls that would need a personality just to be classed as Mary Sues = DO. NOT. WANT.

Paranormal romance? We'll have Mills & Boon does vampires next.
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I really, really hate Royal Mail (the British postal service)

I won some items on eBay that have been posted to me from America. Royal Mail pushed a lovely little card through my letterbox today to tell me that I've accrued £40.03 in customs charges on this.

Firstly, since when do parcels from private individuals ever get caught with custom charges?! Companies and businesses, yes. People? Nooooo.

Because I'm the impatient type who hates owing anyone any money, I've just tried to pay the fee online. I completed all of the details, marking when asked that the parcel requires a signature and that it was a recorded signed for item and the website refused to take a payment. It told me that you can't have custom charges on recorded signed for items.

WHAT???? So, the website is telling me that it is impossible for me to have a customs charge, yet the post office is refusing to deliver my parcel... because of an outstanding customs charge.


There's a helpline number on the card so I called them. I followed the magic options through and told them it was a query about a charge. The recorded voice on the phone went through the explanation of how charges arise, blah, blah, blah and then hung up! No room for querying any of these charges, just pay up!

ARGH. I'd go to the post office and query it in person but guess what? They're only open half a day and shut three hours ago.

Royal Mail, I really, really, REALLY hate you.

So much for a nice, happy and relaxing day off.

ETA - emailed them, they replied within 30 minutes and explained that it was a mistake on the card. Charge has now been paid, parcel due to be received on Saturday.

I still hate Royal Mail though.
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This will only be rescued by the immediate TV debut of Eric Bischoff because damn, I always had such an inappropriate crush on Bischoff. Especially when he's being uber slimy.
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As you may have seen in this entry, I have 86 of these 100 Gackt RRII Arena stickers. It's become a little obsession of mine to try and get the full set (how old am I again? 12?!) so I have another 30 on order from the tour goods web shop and have recently made the mistake of looking on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for them.

There is *one* sticker that I'm missing up for auction on eBay.

It currently stands at $17.50

$17.50 for something that originally cost 200¥??!!

Fuck that!

I have three duplicates left over - I'm putting them on eBay STAT!


Besides I need the money. I need $2000 for this (don't worry, it doesn't really spoil anything) -

I the Motor City Machine Guns.


I also this -

A mix of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" with the Monkees "I'm A Believer"

I can't explain how GENIUS this is. I'm a full, card carrying member of the Iron Maiden Fan Club and even I can recognise how EPIC it is. Just go. Listen.


I have managed to complete ONE thing from my To-Do list. I'm feeling a high sense of achievement right now XD
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I was speaking with my Mother earlier and she told me that her next door neighbour is having an Ann Summers Party at the end of the month. She then asked me if I wanted to go.

Yes Mom. I'd love to go to a party where people pass around sex toys and test vibrators on their noses with you. It's the one thing I'd love to do more than anything and ranks just above poking my own eyes out with rusty nails and feasting on what flows out of the holes.


I finished reading the four Twilight books today. I can already see the collective eye rolls at that but I think the books are an INSPIRATION. They are proof that even the cheesiest Mary Sue author over at can get a publishing deal as long as they have a basic grasp of the English language.

The books are trash. Stephanie Meyer is a hack. The whole series is a not even subtle sermon about the evils of pre-martial sex and how things are so much better if you wait and hold onto your virtue.

And I couldn't stop reading them.
Cut for spoilers and the GENIUS that is the fourth novel )

I'm so happy that they've FINALLY opened up the overtime at work. I'm in desperate need of a cash injection this Summer for... things (XD) but I was starting to think that it'd never come.


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